Friday, 29 May 2009

About Me

I am 20-something girl (or woman, lass, female, babe, lady, etc.), and I work in an office, where I have to write about sport in which 22 men/women play with one round-shaped leather-made object, and a wooden stick, designed to their preferred shape.

I have been blogging since 2007, and I mostly blog about all the things that doesn't affect my daily routine in any direct or indirect way. I started this blog because I had a lot of time but now I do not have time, so to escape the rationalities of my work station, I come and rant here, stuff that the 140-character platform doesn't allow me.

Also, I once featured in one city's 'top bloggers' story (well even I was surprised to find a photographer turn-up at my place one day, turning my militia-kinda father into a light man).

In short, I am not your 'Worst Nightmare.'

Oh! Yes, I love Jenny Lawson.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


What is it? I ask myself,
I stand at the other end;
Its dark, sun has hidden its face
Once again.

No light, no sound, not even a human
Can be seen,
Just miles and miles of
Unconquered land
And the green bushes and trees.

Hark! I see someone,
Hello is my call,
"The figure", is it imagination?
NO! She moves, her pace
Growing faster.

As her face comes into view
I feel a certain errie:
I try I wish but am hypnotised
Am unable to move,
Even my lips.

Her Dark Blue Eyes
Soothes my heart:
her touch is so cold.
Her move around me
Leaves an inexpressible grill,
And I feel so alone.

Slowly I fall asleep
Into her arms
Into a different world
Into a different mood.

When I opened my eyes
The sun had come back
A sad look on his face.
Everything was gone
Nothing left
And I couldn't recollect
Her Countenance.

And now all that is left
Is Reminiscence...


I’m waiting for the shadows to ask me
To say Goodbye;
They wait for me the say,
“Finish what is left.”
They don’t have time,
And I don’t want to waste anymore.
My life has come to an end,
Where the shadows,
The Death Knell decides,
Should I see, Should I wish, Should I live My
Last Breath.
I wait just for one thing
To see what I love the most
And say Goodbye.
Hold my hand tonight
And I’ll take you to the place
That makes me warm and cold.
Hold me tonight
Cause I won’t ever leave you,
If you just hold me tonight
And I’ll hold you forever and always.

I promise to cover you,
From the light of the day
That swindles us always.
I don’t have much time,
I say again…
They are waiting for me,
But of you hold me only
I may have some more time
To finish what is left,
To leave this world with Grace.
To see you happy;
What I love the most,
And say Goodbye….