Wednesday, 20 May 2009


What is it? I ask myself,
I stand at the other end;
Its dark, sun has hidden its face
Once again.

No light, no sound, not even a human
Can be seen,
Just miles and miles of
Unconquered land
And the green bushes and trees.

Hark! I see someone,
Hello is my call,
"The figure", is it imagination?
NO! She moves, her pace
Growing faster.

As her face comes into view
I feel a certain errie:
I try I wish but am hypnotised
Am unable to move,
Even my lips.

Her Dark Blue Eyes
Soothes my heart:
her touch is so cold.
Her move around me
Leaves an inexpressible grill,
And I feel so alone.

Slowly I fall asleep
Into her arms
Into a different world
Into a different mood.

When I opened my eyes
The sun had come back
A sad look on his face.
Everything was gone
Nothing left
And I couldn't recollect
Her Countenance.

And now all that is left
Is Reminiscence...


Debalina Mukherjee said...

it chills my spine to read this and only 1 thing I can say why so depressed?

"Su" said...

It isn't depressing man....Its about the beauty...Its about someone special in ur life...Its about angel..Who can drench out everythign from ur blood...Even sadness...Its somethign that you search for and you an only achieve in dreams...!!

Prabuddha said...


"Su" said...

Thank you

Arundhati-Chatterjee said...

A bit on the pessi side.. bt i understand...

Sagnik said...

m night shyamalan shud hire u as a as a script writer for his next flick... ;]

good one... pretty neat.

Sushant said...

Nice..I like the mystic touch of the poem. Keep up the good work...

Adisha said...

The feeling of being safe !! Wonderfully put ...


"Su" said...

Thanks guys...!!

barbiechatterjee said...

Its really mindblowing....But it has a depressing tinge in its tone.. C'mon look on d brighter aspects.Its more charming(I suppose)....

§udatta said...

Ya it is charming!!

Siddharth Gupta said...

I just love ur language...

Sudatta said...

Thnx Sid!

angel from heaven said...

Beautifully written.