Saturday, 25 July 2009

From College Canteen Metro to Someplace Else

Unforgettable beginning
one long year

I had just graduated from high-school, I was so excited that I had forgotten the terrible situation of EDUCATION of my state. Waiting at queues for about 3½ hours, fighting my way into the 'BIASED' examination centres, standing dejected for not being selected, and finally getting admitted to a 'B' Grade college via management quota. I still remember the first day of my college vividly. I felt like an outcast, after getting admitted one week later only, sitting aloof in the first bench. I collected a lot of courage just to ask the guy sitting behind me, what was being taught. To my good fate, he turned out to be a true helper, atleast for the day! He said and said and said.

The classes began, I was 'not' introduced to the class, to which I was very glad of. I answered every question that was asked, I tried keeping my attention to the studies, not even knowing about tomorrow, I also got acquainted with a girl and three boys that day, DAMN ONLY THREE!! I felt like I'm the centre of attraction as if am Harry Potter, The Girl Who Was Suppose To Come Late!!!

From A Nine Pointer
To A
Four Pointer

When I remember those days, one thing comes to my mind unknowingly, my bond with the members. After attending so many classes, I started missing, rather bunking most of them. But I was regular till the middle of the year. After the first unit, I became over-confident and went astray. I stopped attending most of the classes. Spent time with my so called friends, rehearsed for dance performances.


To Be Continued....

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

University of Calcutta's Exam Postponed Thanks to Strike

The 17th July's University exam has be put off and postponed to a later date, all thanks to our LEADERS who has once again called off a strike. After the Congress members were attacked at Mangalkot on 15th July, the whole of Bengal got disrupted on 16th July, with party men protesting, blocking roads at office hours and also during a major time when the University exams are going.

Already the University exams have been postponed due to Lok Sabha 2009 elections and this one day of STRIKE now has lead to exams routine being elongated more. Why does the students have to suffer always? Isn't there any other method?

Already there is so much of pressure of the on going exams and the Calcutta University isn't one of the places of relief, with year after year restricting marks and routine and huge syllabus trouble.

Does the CONGRESS, which forms the Government at the Center for a second term has any answer?

Does our honourary HRD minister Mr. Kapil Sibal has any answer?