Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Time made us foolish or We were born foolish

Today while attending my honours class, I decided to write this blog. My friend was laughing when I told him but after what happened I guess I should really write. It's going to three years and then it will all end - COLLEGE. Our dream when we are young, somewhere in between our teenage, fighting with rules and school disciplines. But very few of us know what college really is until we get admitted. My views were never like,"Get the hell out of school and have a blast in college" but they were like "have fun in your limits". But no sooner I and many like me got in, we were like,"What's the damn good difference between college and school?" None couldn't answer.

My 1st year went in seriousness, attending classes, doing work regularly and almost becoming a favourite student to professors and a bad girl to co-mates! But don't know what changed in 2nd year!! We did attend classes, especially my group of friends but had fun too, like going to the Ganga ghat to have fun, watch river dolphins sometimes, checking out Durga Idols before Puja's, taking stupid videos and enjoying later, suddenly deciding to watch crappy bengali movies etc etc. And in this process me and my group did what we never realised that we actually did.

When we realised it was exam times, one of our professors and one of the best came to me and said in front of the whole crowd,"You don't attend classes and you come to give exams!!??" I was like "huh"!! C'mon my HOD never told me, she is like always smiling and why suddenly this professor. Then it shot me and may be I said also(don't know whether she heard or not) that I don't attend her classes only!! Well I didn't feel guilty! Anyways. That's a different part of the story!

What actually happened is that today, which is the 11th class of this year, my attendance is 6 which is fair enough coz many of them attended their 1st class today. But the same professor today told me in particular, I'm irregular and I should watch out. She also mentioned about last year and that she doesn't know what happened to me. Next while she was teaching I made sure I was totally into my studies and believe the hell me, I was. She asked few questions and all answered in varied ways, only leaving one. 'Bellows' and 'Billows' are two different words and all of us know. But somewhere I like many mistook 'Billows' to be 'Bellows' and answered and she was like "Don't show your foolishness"!! C'mon I wasn't the only one and the was she pronounced should be marked also. But ok I was foolish but not me!

So I want to tell her, Ma'am We and especially I, respect you a lot. And more because you professors were the one's who supported me, stood beside me when no one was. But please don't say things which really doesn't match your sweet tenderness. Don't know what made you so angry against me only, ya may be for my betterment you saying so but it creates a different scenario to others. And if I'm really foolish, I was born foolish or time, which I didn't spend around you made me!! That's all!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009


One month before hand I didn't realise that it would turn out to be a self imposed exile. The most hostile place mankind. Its not that people don't stay there, it's just people has lost its battle fighting with nature and the supreme - MAN, himself.

It was a rough ride but an excited one, asking myself every now and then, is it really what people say? Is the place really worth going? Even when I got on the bus to Junput, I wasn't sure what was I doing; may be I was driven away by excitement. Nevertheless, till stepping foot on the place, inside our rooms, I was like a relaxed bird but as soon as the curtains were drawn I was BLANK!

The place is nothing better than the rain-forests of Malaysia where the team of Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao are shooting. Its a breeding ground of insects, mosquitoes, smelly fishes etc. No sooner we had entered, we felt like when we will leave this place. We were attacked by all sorts of things, smaller things of nature, as if telling us and hurting us for entering their zone, as if we were INTRUDERS!

The first day went like hell, we trying and searching every way to tackle the small beasts, sometimes searching ways to fly away from this unknown, yet untainted land. But it played a mysterious role, disturbing us but made us stay till end.

The place as the habitats there said was once a beauty but the war of HUMANS destroyed it and I guess it was taking its revenge on us. Politics didn't leave this small place also. Even in that place there was beauty, reminiscences of past, places of the owner's dream to make a place they never saw before.

Junput is said to be a beside sea but the sea is far far away from it. Yes, once it use to be beside the resort where we resided. The resort is an wonderful place but it is not at all looked after and maintened. What we heard is that after election when the party hold got changed, the TMC didn't let the CPI(M) supporters work there. The owner said either the old people will work or the resort will get shut! Don't know what the truth is really but we did felt. The roads are as bad as the infrastructure of the place.

Junput is 1hour 10mins away from Digha and 1hour away from Mandarmoni. Whoever goes to this place should once visit all the neighbouring place. However Junput isn't anymore a place to stay for more than 1 day.

However after spending three days there, I'll say, I enjoyed atleast 20percent coz I went with a huge group. I even got drenched on the last day at the beach, the tides were present as it was full moon day. Anyways do experience all type of fun guys. I hope the place gets what it needs, roads, infrastructure, support and people, true-spirited.