Monday, 7 December 2009


What is this world full of so-called Humanity?
Where we question whether a man should have died or not
Rather than why did he!

This world, full of humans whose life-story
Is one of tragedy; Full of pain and suffering.
The majority is formed of skeleton-shaped structure
Or victims who fall prey to the wants of other fellow men.

We, humans have come across more than
Thousand years; but in these thousand years,
What have we achieved?

Our history book tells us about great men's great discoveries
But what about those who played the most crucial part in it?
Those men who owns the state
Or those who strive for daily wage?

Have you ever had the want to know
Who's voice is it behind and in middle of the shows,
Who makes us familiar with the numerous things -
Soaps, serials and names of different personalities.

Faith, hope, trust we can but for how long?
For some life is charming, for some it is mere survival
And for the rest it is search for a new world.

What will all of us do, when doomsday struck us?
Even God asked Noah to select one pair and not all!


Sorcerer said...

hey!! your writeup wowed me..
those were hard truths..

Sudatta said...

Thnk U