Thursday, 9 December 2010

The year I felt like saying - Ok That's IT

It's too early to write about this year. Who knows what might happen in the next few days. This has been the year of events for me. Of all sorts. Now when I sit and look back I actually cannot think and imagine how can so  much and how did so much happen in one year! And then this is life. What from where why things may happen you will never know. So lets see what are the things.

The year started wonderfully! It seemed it was the best year of my life. What may come, I was ready to face everything happily as I had everything I wanted then. Friends, family, love, life, aim and most of all happiness. But with the change of months, the craziness of life started increasing.

The first month of the year was what I will call sparks started flying. Arguments, misunderstandings, delusions, all that is needed to strike of a war. The second month brought in the first round of blows, direct pointing and framing and being charged off. March meant taking actions. And in one moment, I saw people who made me believe "what may come.." disappear. At that moment I stood friendless, loveless, guilty like a prisoner, imprisoned and kept in isolation. Did it changed me? Yes. Which meant preparing massively like never before for my finals which came in the fourth month of the year.

As a believer of numerology (the only thing I believe in) number four and I don't go hand in hand and anytime we come together means more destruction. I had mentally prepared and left preparing for exams, assuming that when it's four no one can save me. I felt doomed. The exams came, I gave, the first papermade me dead, rest as they say should be let lost in the pages of my life's story.

May meant trip, vacation, traveling, break from bondage. For me it seemed rehabilitation, to come back fresh. So I took the opportunity and went to Dehra Dun, one of the two favourite places of mine. I found family getting closer to me or me getting closer to my family for the first time. Thought everything happens for the best. But then again, blow came, misunderstandings, misconceptions, framings, charges but finally in the court of family and relatives I was let off as I was charged guilty without proofs. This one event made me go even more far far away from my family and relatives. Yes things happened then for the best. Atleast that made me come to know what is what.

Then came the month when I sat at home and tried everywhere to get a job! Yes by Jove's name, I got an internship offer at MiD-DaY and two months later ran all the way to Mumbai, or Bombai like I love calling it. But the biggest achievement at that point of my life was short lived. However in this short time, I lived the happiest moment of my year. Thanks to Abhijit Majumder, Sarita Tanwar, Upala, Shaheen, Freny and all. Days were like days in Eldorado. Rainy days always irritated me but those days even rain felt like blessing from Cheiro! At that time my exam's result also came out and to my disbelief I scored the second highest in my class and best result in my three years of rotten collegehood. I came first among girls. I spent the best days of my life with my younger sister like anything, like we were meant to be together and never apart. I was on top of the world. I guess it was time to get down which I refused to and I was pushed down from the top back to plain land of my city streets.

In the next month, september, I found myself among my siblings and it was they who tried all sorts to keep me warm and happy :-) Met my sister after two damn years, was so happy and my dearest brother was there to make the event even bigger. I got admitted to Calcutta University, the place I hated the most (I still do). Met some old friends, with changed faces and met new people but the year was so damn entertaining that it helped me to learn the new people's character around me. So with like minded people a new term started.

Then came the month of festivals, participating in events, partying with new friends, trying my hand at everything and anything possible. This was the month when my talents came to the limelight. I was appreciated like never before by all, especially by people who thought I was the witch of my colony ready to crucify their children and brainwash their grown up boys. But suddenly a storm came and with it came November. Sweet November felt thorny, past suddenly jumped out like someone intentionally had dug up the graves where I engraved people alive.

To escape truth I ran away to the forests with my parents and their friends and returned in the next month, the last month of the year. This month as you know has just started but the initial days has already been quite irritating, oops I mean entertaining. So entertaining Taylor Swift's songs Back to December and Haunted doesn't live my mind.

To end with I might conclude I had put on the avatar of Santa Claus this year. Gifted people whom I love and meant special though who are not related to me anyone. I might also add I have been getting frequent visits from a bat clan, don't know which clan but I am sure not Count Dracules must be some small time. And this year has given and restored or kept people whom I wondered to be virtual, yes you know who. And now I will conclude by writing, coming up next will be new year's resolution, which is .....

Monday, 25 October 2010

Abbas Tyrewala's Superman - Jhootha Hi Sahi

When was the last time you said, "Wow this man makes wonderful movies!" Well even if you had it would had been movies by either Aamir Khan, Yash Raj Films or our old Karan Johar(despite losing fame as a director, his production house makes wonderful movies.) Who would have ever thought a guy who once wrote dialogue for superhit movies like Asoka, Leela, Darna Mana Hai, Munnabhai would go on to become a successful director, making beauitful movies that makes you happy and want to watch it and experience the joy over and over again.

Abbas Tyrewala, much aclaimed for making movies like Jaane Tu Ya Jaane has hit the right chord with his latest movie Jhootha Hi Sahi. It has been a long road for this man, who dropped out of college just to work as a PR and later become a full-time writer. Abbas is someone who knows what he wants and knows how to achieve it. Despite his latest movie making some critics give negative reviews, till now who ever has watched it, have loved. He makes movies which hit the heart directly.

His movies consists of comedy, romance, drama, anger, joy, in short all emotions that a human being can feel and express (even which can't be expressed but seldom we try to or hide inside). Jhootha Hi Sahi cannot be compared with JTYJN yet it has it's own story. Starring his better half Pakhi in the lead opposite to John Abraham, the movie is about or little inspired from Superman, the double identity and how we sometime use it to our own benefit in our real life. The movie has its faults, for example filmy ending like JTYJN, still overall it has made us love it. One can go back and watch it over and over again and not get bored. Natural acting, simple story, great locations, catchy and right music for the right mood, superb side supporting actors. The most wonderful thing being the use of comedy in between moments of drama, the way serious issues were solved in the most trivial way.

Abbas surely knows how to use his cast and crew. You wouldn't find the movie over-written or too simple. It has been a long journey for John too, from Jism to Jhootha Hi Sahi. Each and every member of the movie, the people who are familiar to us, has progressed at each step. Now for the newcomer, the female lead, Pakhi, we are yet to know whether she is one-movie-hit or a superstar in making. Surely she has talent of acting in herself, quite natural in front of the camera. She well deserved the role of Mishka and the numerous people who had voted her for the role should be paid extra!! 

However one thing I missed in the movie was superb music like Abbas' previous movies. There are good numbers but not all. The movie has an ending like Notting Hill. But you can't expect every movie to be outstanding, out of the blue. Like then each and every movie would had been superhit! Plus Pakhi should get into shape in order to match beside superstars, she looks too ordinary. Either she needs to cut down some weight or get into a new look.

I guess it's time for Abbas to have a banner to his name.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Autograph - Why I feel it didn't make to IFFI...

Srijit Mukherjee's Autograph is not a remake or reinterpretation of Satyajit Ray's 'Nayak' rather it is sort of a tribute by the debutant to the great film-maker and also to Uttam Kumar. The selection of 'Achin Pakhi' for IFFI and not Autograph has surely raised some eyebrows however there may be many reasons for it being not selected.

Autograph has many discrepancies which may have lead to it's not being one of the entries to IFFI. One of the main reasons being, according to me, the use of the late actor Uttam Kumar's real name Arun Chatterjee and the whole movie revolving around the remake of 'Nayak', in modern version by the new director in the movie. As such the movie doesn't have any original plot to it's name also. The main plot or theme of the movie has been portrayed in a very loose way.

It is surely seen that the movie about one man's status in a film industry, about his position even though his movies not receiving much appreciations, and various people's thoughts and views about him which he doesn't bother about(the character portrayed by Prosenjit). However somewhere Srijit who has also written the script of the movie has mixed three more sub-plots, which has lead to the not-so-good presentation of the main plot. One being the remake, two being the breaking and beginning of the relationships and three being the betrayal.

Throught out the movie, much importance is given to the remake of Satyajit Ray's 'Nayak', the relationships and the return to the past of an actor's life which again is sort of not original. At moments the movie even confuses the audiences, till the mystery is broken by Prosenjit.

Srijit has made a good movie, something different, although his main plot, the theme is presented or portrayed towards more powerfully towards the end of the movie.

Autograph is no doubt a movie that people will enjoy, which is success of the whole team involved in the making of the film, a good performance by all the actors and crew (although there were lots of mistakes by the make-up artists). But the main plot of the movie have surely lost itself among too many sub-plots.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Short Story

"Sir give some money na, feeling hungry." "Chacha feeling hungry,will you please give me something?"

The tea-shop owner,"Thief go away, don't you have any shame? You little squid. That day even after getting caught with money he haven't gave up this act! Go now or do you want me to come?" The man was getting out of his shop, with a hot iron in his hand but by the time the boy ran across the street, panting.

Wondering and hungry he sat down breathing fast. Just then something dropped in front of him. He raised his eyes to see. A cellphone. He looked sideways to see where it came from. A lady was walking away hurriedly and the back of her bag was open and hanging. He quickly grabbed the cellphone and was about to run when suddenly every bit of torture he faced last time he tried giving back a lost thing. He didn't steal still. Should he return or runaway and sell. No he can't. He kept the cellphone hidden in his rugged clothes and started walking towards the lady slowly.

The lady by this time had moved on very far but the boy kept on walking, halting at times, thinking about the consequences. 

The lady heard the boy calling her name from behind; she put her hands inside her bag and was about to give away some money to the boy, thinking "another beggar". "It's better to pay him something or else he'll keep disturbing me." She was taking out some money, while walking, when the boy pulled her shirt and gave her the cellphone," It fell out when you were walking quickly in front of me. I didn't steal I swear am not a thief."

The lady was amazed. The money remained in her hands. She forgotten what she was doing. She kneeled and asked," What's your name? Where do you live? What can I do for you?"

The boy started talking quickly," Am hungry and they won't let me have anything coz they think am a thief because last day also I tried returning a man's wallet which fell infront of the shop. But they beat me. I'm hungry I want to eat like everyone. But I can't. Am not a thief believe me."

The lady came closer to the boy. " Lets go to the shop where they won't let you eat. I'll buy you something nice."

Friday, 20 August 2010

Bloody Complaining Indians

 Shame on YOU

I have been hearing about the corruption of ministry, of CWG officials, of so and so people who are in the government. Well I have heard enough to just tell them Give ME A Break. There is a limit to complaining about India being 128th place out of 150 countries, that 1/3rd of the country is unhealthy and there is lack of nutritious children and many more. And who is to be blamed for everything? The ministers. Yes they are the perfect people to be blamed for even your areas water pipe burst or a tree which fell down during cyclone and even an accident caused by two people who were rush driving. 
Have you all lost your senses? You never complain that Ratan Tata or Taslima Nasreen get more security than you yourself. You never complain that the amount of security deployed in front of Shahrukh Khan’s house is more than the Kashmiri girl who fought against terrorists! But you complain about Shashi Tharoor involved in a scam, about a minister wanting an increment or Kalmadi using 16.5lakh for gym facilities.

Tell me where will this world class athletes practice, work out? At your home? At the gym next where even your area’s goon works out? You think Olympics and Commonwealth Games happen without bucks being spent behind them? Ok yes Kalmadi is full of scam! But hello! Isn’t it too early to say CWG is a fail? I get it, Olympics stadiums were ready one year before. That’s one fault, another that he didn’t get paperwork for many deals. But arguing about infrastructure is a limit. After CWG is over and if it succeeds (which I terribly wish to shut all of your mouth), will everyone say that what a splendid job had been done?

You talk about children not getting good nutrition, have you ever questioned why do your friend eat so much, almost equal to three people’s meal? Yes right! I can give you one example coz I know such people! 

Tell me something, a very good question will be why we spend so much behind durga puja decorations, wedding celebrations, behind IIFA and all when you can use the same money to help people dying of hunger. We just don’t question the corruption or mess that we create!

One of my friends argued about ministers getting 50,000 INR and asking for hike in their salary. I would like to ask, what about the media professional or what about the just-passed-out IIM student who gets equal salary? What do these students do for our country? Half of them leave India for prospect, for their own benefits! What has for god’s sake these people done? Tell me! Have they come out of their sprawling bungalows to help people during a riot or a natural disaster? Unless they themselves suffered they didn’t. Now one example isn’t enough! Give me millions, give me at least a thousand!

What about the innumerable people dying of diseases around the country? Where are the doctors? Wait you will argue you know many doctors who help. How many? Do you know enough doctors against millions of patients waiting to be cured? 

If today the central government or the local government today declares that they won’t work anymore and all the politicians collectively say we won’t, have you any idea what will be the situation? There will be utter chaos and each and everyone will want their share without working and no one will be there to give you what you want or deserve! You say ministers don’t do anything to protect you, ok fine! I will call Home Ministry today and ask them to stop working. Lets see the picture of India after they do stop working, literally, how many more 26/11 or Lalgarh will happen.

And for the salary part, before asking them to cut down their salaries, ask the CEOs of leading companies to, even the professionals who gets more than 35,000 INR.

Really want to change India? Really? Stop complaining and moaning and pointing fingers at people who are at least trying. What are you guys doing? Complaining and making the situation worse than ever. It is not that easy to run a country of BILLIONS when these BILLIONS lack unity. YES, you guys lack unity! Or else rather than complaining about anything you would had been trying your best to make a difference. I know it isn’t easy, but complaining is easy na?!

I don’t support the ministers but neither I complain about them. Why? Coz I don’t have the guts to sit where they do and tolerate 365 days of abuses by BILLIONS of INDIANS. Politics should be accepted the way it is. Don’t cry over everything, if today the situation is like this it is simply because YOU have let it happen. Why don’t you co-operate or even protest in a friendly way? No you won’t you will either get into a war of stones or lathis! I have no pity for citizens who suffer coz they are themselves the reason for INDIA’s condition. And after reading this you can point your finger as much as you want at me, just to prove my words true. Thank You.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Feeling Guilty

Usually you feel guilt for hurting someone, behaving rudely, for an act that should have not done and all. Even if you unknowingly hurt or injure anyone, you feel guilty and the feeling remains and keep on pinching you until you are forgiven. But have anyone ever felt guilty for having to share good moments, guilty of good old memories, guilty that you had spent wonderful times with someone and then everything ended? Guilty for saying the truth and losing a precious thing for it?

Many would say it's regret, anger but I will call it guilt. My sister's mail, expressing her desires took me back to all those times when I have felt guilty for having spent good moments. But what's new is that feeling guilty for saying what my heart felt. Because after that nothing changed, what it was before, it remained that way. My friend says, it 'Takes Time'. Yes, may be I am expecting too much. But someone had once said - 

"Nothing can ever be more scary than keeping thoughts, wishes within yourself."

When you speak out something that keeps on bugging you, you feel released and nice and comfortable. If at that moment the saying is taken in positive way, you are on Cloud no 9'. But I don't feel like that. Why don't I? I feel guilty for letting the truth out coz now whenever I am made to speak or reminds me that the secret is out and nothing is same. It has become a barrier.

I could have kept it a secret forever inside me. I could have rather would have bore the tickling sensation. Or I madly wish that what I said for, comes to an effect. It 'takes time', yes but for once let the word 'chance' enjoy itself, once, coz the barrier needs to disappear or the guilt feeling will remain. It is not that I am looking for a second chance but for the first only! There have been moments, like my sister says, that makes your day, sometimes months. I am not asking anything for myself but all I want is a moment that will make me feel - "There is nothing to feel guilty about" and that will make me say - "Thank goodness, I had told what I feel then".

I will wait for those moments. I know none of us is sleeping, everyone's awake, we are all avoiding and ignoring the fact with our smiles and giggles, but for once let us not ignore. For once let us take a step to start breaking the barrier coz see I am badly feeling guilty. I never wanted to write this post, something really personal, but in the past I have lost a good friend for telling the truth, however, that truth was of different kind.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lipsticks, Shoes, Bags, Chocolates....

If you ask me what are the few things that girls go crazy about then I will say Shoes, Bags, Chocolates (Imported I Tell You), Lipsticks of different colours of the numerous companies, Nail Polishes, Ice-Creams (Those which make your hubby or boyfriend wonder what's so special in it), Latest Juicy Magazines, Shades (As a friend of mine says), Old Romantic Movies, and a few (numerous) girls even go crazy for Gadgets, YES, Gadgets.

The list doesn't end. Whether someone buys for them or they buy themselves, anything that they are crazy about makes them feel that they are on top of the world. In short they love being Pampered. But on a brighter side, even a small piece of candy can make them happy! Visit a girl's room, you are bound to find a chocolate bar or the wrapper. Open the shoe closet and one pair might fall on you. No matter whether she already have the bag she is staring at, she wants it again, and she always like the lipstick and nail polish colours of her girlfriends'. 

She might already have the sunglasses she asked you to buy for her but she wants it again. She has watched that particular movie before many times but she wants to watch it again and that too with you. Some girls simply go crazy over APPLE products. Yes! They do. She always want the latest stylish clothes and if it gets two weeks old, she will throw it at the corner of her closet.

Many loves to pamper themselves by reading old letters from their admirers or their teenage diary, many spent hours by watching their favourite romantic movies. I have seen many girls read Love Story over and over again. Some pamper themselves by getting a spa or just having a foot massage (Something I love doing that too, just too much).

But whatever it may be, all these things that a girl go crazy over and possibly with them live the best time of her life, all these doesn't hurt or affect the one she is living with. She doesn't go for Hash, Coke unless its just for fun she wanna and doesn't smoke or drink like your neighbour's boy whose only job from evening is to pick up the cheapest whiskey bottle and sing at the top of his voice through out the night. 
So you should be happy and not rant about the lipsticks, chocolate wrappers, face washes you find to have trespassed by mistake on to your territory, BOYS!!

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Perception and Reality

Lately I have found out what to we believe and perceive or was thinking to be like that was never the reality or even close to the truth. What it was all the time was pretence. I hate pretence and I hate people to boast it. More I hate when people use this same mechanism to insult, using their own mechanism and trying to prove that in others. I know it is hard to understand what I mean. Let me say it more directly - I hate people with two faces, with cheap motifs.

I met a young boy few days back. He talks less and appears to be in deep thinking and calculations always, a good way to disillusion people. What is inside him was really hard for me or anyone to understand. At first I thought no this is him, peculiar but incapable of hurting. But how long can a two-faced person stay inside one cocoon only? Slowly the other side of his face appeared. And this didn't surprise me. What I had to say I said on the face but people who are not ashamed of their acts find every piece of joke as a serious thing and serious as joke or they try twisting it like their twisted brain.

Another one is someone I know now for sometime. My interactions with the person had been totally on the basis of professional or educational, however there were instances when we discussed few personal issues. I did realize or had thought in those many interactions that something will turn little bitter or this person will. And that did happen. How cheap mindset these people have. When they see that they can't accept the reality or face the truth all they do is try to shout back at the people in some mean and cheap way and even ways which the person had once told to dislike.

Fake Pretense and Cheap is the three words I have for them. 

Though many people can describe them in many ways, I will do in these three words.What is the solution for them, treat them like they treat others and behave with them in their way. When later they question your act, just say - I GAVE YOUR OWN PIECE BACK.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Mumbai - My Second Home

Things I Hate About Mumbai

So what should I start with, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai or Mumbai Meri Jaan? Rather I should say Once upon a time in Mumbai, meri jaan, I lived and experienced life. I am crazy girl from Violence-Struck Kolkata (Like Most Say), I have grown up there till my college days, in the City of Joy, left the city for betterment. And just where do I land up? In my second home, my Mumbai. No I don't call it my second home because I live here now but for the very fact that I have been here almost ten to twelve times, sharing a special connection with the City of Dreams.

This time the story is different, the experience and the life, unlike other times.Its almost like I am discovering the city again, rather for the first time. The streets, people, houses, offices, food and of all myself in the big city. All of these have made me approach towards the place in a different way now and most of the time making me compare with my hometown Kolkata, which I shouldn't. But I am a human and this is my nature.

Mumbai is a great place to live your younger days, when you wanna work, strive and prove to the world that you are worth being noticed! Nobody waits for no one here, nobody cares rather but when there is a crisis, the whole of Mumbai comes together to fight it. People here not only work hard but party hard to. You can live like a free bird, you will meet so many type of people and learn the good and the bad bits. Mumbai has enough reasons to make you fall in love with it but it has also got reasons to hate it, if not a lot but a little, at least to me.

First thing first I hate the transport system of Mumbai. No matter how many source of travel is there. I just hate it. Trains might be the lifeline of the city but that doesn't mean you will ignore the other sources and not work on them. Again trains might face problem then the other sources will feel the pressure but if you don't work on those sources how will they work nicely? Depending on one particular source is really bad.

Again the auto rickshaws can't travel beyond Bandra. I would have loved if it traveled between small distances, to the stations as I see a huge no of people depending on it.

Here we wait for one bus for one, two hours and there is no surety if it will really come. Then why the hell run buses? And people don't care about all these!!

The one thing I really expect from people is to know the city totally and not be ignorant of because I have seen a lot of them in few days ignorant about the city. Don't blame the government if there is a blast, blame yourself for being ignorant because I feel all that happened in the past is due to the ignorance of the people living here.

Having said all of these I am enjoying my stay in Mumbai but I wanna see Mumbai get out of the little things I disliked till now.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Flurys Losing Charm

For every Calcuttan, Flurys is a place of being proud and celebrating life. It's just not the restaurant at Park Street, famous for it's pastries and history but a place to celebrate about to the world by simply being present there. From Juhi Chawla to a simple 2 year old, Flurys has always been the place to spend a lovely morning, a gala afternoon and a cheerful evening. However, the old charm of Flurys is fading away with time.

Remember 15 Stephen Court, blazing, caught in the middle of political games, unsure of it bouncing back, dead, charred bodies and the home for places like Peter Cat, One Step Up and Flurys. We all were sad, hurt, agonised when the we had to see our beloved place being covered with sadness, tragedy and horror, we had to see the shutters going down; then hoping badly the place comes back to life very soon before its very late.

And luckily I was present when Flurys re-opened after the tragic event, with an emotional welcome, not only by the hosts but the media too. It just felt like WE ARE BACK HOME. Nowhere did we felt like going, it was like winning our lost territories.

However last day when I with two of my friends visited the place, we were totally shocked, surprised and angered by what we saw. Unwelcoming people, no co-ordination, no service to help us settle, poor service at table, we had to ask literally over and over again for even a GLASS OF WATER, flies hovering around, unhygienic environment, hair in the food, water leaking from the ceiling. The thing which bugged us the most was poor service, rather very poor service. We had to wait so long to give orders and even once we felt like getting up and heading towards another place across the street.

That's not all! How can a place like Flurys, in a peak hour ask there workers to clean the ceiling while people are having their food! Can someone explain?!

I least expected this kind of attitude by their staffs, such hospitality, such condition of food, unhygienic environment and of all insects around the place. I don't want apologies but Flurys to wake up. Sympathies doesn't last long, so you guys better start working now or else your shutters will get down soon, again.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Summer Is Backkkk

Yes, that's right summer is back and so is the mighty SUN and his mighty rays! After an awesome cool chilly winter, with temperature going down many degrees compared to last few years, the crooked and hooked up SUN is back. Along with him is also back our miseries. But never mind lets see what has been going on with winter piiipols and Sun's goons!

So the Snowmen were merrily making fun of SUN. Poor Sun even he fell pray to RECESSION (Too much of temperature cost them during recession) =O

But very little did they know that they will be gone and the mighty SUN will be back with Pachakamak conspiring against the poor Earthlings!!

And like always the Earthlings, the blunt-headed followers of GOD who have list idea of Pachakamak and Beelzebub's conspiracy, fell prey to the Evil SUN...

P.S. I am not a cartoonist but these are drawn by me. Just for delight. Enjoy =)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I don’t know when it was I started writing. My earliest image of writing is when I wanted to escape reading my school books. I used to write answers and that to by seeing the book. Finally I was caught but like a smart kid I escaped punishment. I guess that was what made me love writing only and nothing else. But never did I like to write about a book or a place I travelled. I found it tiresome and too hard to. I didn’t find it inspiring and I always questioned the reader’s interest. Years later, when I entered college, I found a different picture. Write anything catchy and filmy and people are bound to read it. Write on what's trending and people will read it for sure but that also for few days. Ultimately writing was about what you wanted to write, what you wanted the people to read and enjoy not what readers asked from you. Everyone can write but your writing should be something really intriguing and touching, full of passion and feelings.

Few days back I visited Dehra Dun, Nainital, Almora, Kousani, Bhinsar, Ranikhet etc.  After having a wonderful time I thought I will write on my travelling but somewhere the tiredness took over me and I found it very hard to get back my untouched blog brought back to life. After friends asking me about my blog I decided to write but a small post, washing out the travel post out of my mind completely. However it is not so easy to escape from something that is destined in your life by fate. I was destined to write on my trip to the hills but how did this want of writing arouse again is another story. I dedicated this post to the magazine which made me tells myself – NO I HAVE TO WRITE. Thank you Lonely Planet Magazine India. And especially Sarina Singh whose presence made me go and buy it even when friends kept pulling my leg about it.

Now Lonely Planet is a monthly magazine and rightly assigned so. You might think thousand times before buying it, taking in mind the cost of the magazine but in the end, like we say in Hindi – PAISA VASOOL. It is surely going to take you a month to go through the magazine. Like the theme going through it means travelling a wide range of places. From India to Belgium to Singapore to Australia. If you are someone who loves reading and someone who gets engulfed in a piece, Lonely Planet can really make you impatient for a travel to those places. For me it was not only visiting those places but writing about them. Kudos to the ones who made it. Kudos to the people whose column are present there. They have the ability to captivate you in their articles.

Lonely Planet is not new to me. I had seen the book, not the magazine at my aunt’s place. The edition was dated 1978, six years later it was launched. It struck me at first sight, almost like love at first sight. I so badly wanted to go back home and buy one, just before we were planning a trip to North-East India. However for the kid I was then the price was too much, making me buy the worst travel guide and returning home. Honest confession till date I haven’t opened that book and read. Our trip never happened and still now I believe it was because I never bought that book, it was somehow co-related.

Few months back when I was hearing about Lonely Planet Magazine India getting launched I was badly excited. I cheered with many for such an wonderful news, was happy the magazine will be seen in both the street-side stalls and also the big stores. I had to buy once I had to. I did this month however not because I wanted to buy once. Right now when I look back at my decision of buying this magazine (though there are more special reasons to) I cheer the thought I bought it. I might, I won’t say I’ll because I don’t trust my mood, I might go on ‘wasting 100 bucks every month’ on this magazine.

After buying it, I didn’t know where to start from. So many beautiful pictures, the catchy lines, the wishes of many readers, the letters or what. I started with a column of someone I knew. I was happy after finishing it. The first reaction on my face was a small smile, a smile appeared from the corner of my lips, and as if I could see myself smile at someone very closely for some great work I always said about. I always complained about magazines losing themselves to a world which gave more importance to events, facts, reality, history rather than beauty. Lonely Planet has it all.

I might have exaggerated a lot on this magazine but never have I enjoyed a book so much, which made me sit and think – WHAT AM I DOING HERE! Gladly I can say the soft corner that I have for this magazine is well deserved. I simply regret the fact that I didn’t buy that guide book on India by Lonely Planet but having said that everything happens for a reason.

Last but not the least, if you are someone who loves reading about IIT/IIM life or catchy modern life I really doubt whether you will love reading any other genre of writing in life, but if you are someone who loves reading and don’t mind if it is on IIT/IIM or Thomas Hardy, try the magazine for once, it’s more than just a simple Rs.100 magazine.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Art of Smiling

Time heals all. It heals all kinds of pains. It makes you a better person. If you know how to deal with time, you know how to succeed most of the things in life. This wasn't suppose to be my post after such a long gap. But I have decided to blog it down. Sorry Ambika, I'll write the blog you recommended me but not now.

Recently I have learnt an art, it's called the ART of SMILING. Someone says - its a bloody cool virus. I say it's everything that is left in life. Time is just a catalyst but smile is the real medicine. It not heals pain but is a great thing. You can win a war with a smile, a quarrel, a fight and someone's heart.

But every smile has it's own story. It is better not to compare our smiles with one another, which means it is better not to compare ourselves. The greatest thing in life would be to understand someone's smile. If you do, you will come to know a lot about someone. I wanted to know about someone, a lot of people, I guess I have.

Didn't have much to write about. Just this. Smile always. It works. It gives you great joy, even in pain.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Love Letter

"I got hold of it through a friend long time back when I was in school. Though it is very old it is of immense importance as the story is same everywhere. This is a love letter as the title says by a young woman to her deceased lover. It was presented to the lover in his funeral. But it was too late as the letter says..."


I know it is too late for me to write this to you but you should understand that I didn't write till now because of the things that happened. I wasn't scared or afraid, I just wanted to forget and live happily ever after but my fate has something else for me I see. I have to live in regret after all. You have to understand that I am and neither you are to be blamed for the breaking apart of each and every relationship. It was the situations, misunderstandings, people and also the time was wrong. I guess we loved ourselves so much that we didn't see or never imagined the small small things that make a happy life. Quarrels are part of life but I guess our ignorance of it and too many happy moments that we shared made all the difference.

We never thought, did we, that there will be fights, quarrels and one day one of us will go to the extent of walking out of everything, leaving the other alone.

After we fell apart many people wanted me to believe that you left because you didn't love me and loved someone else and somewhat I felt so too. But again there were moments when you tried hard to mend things but we fell apart. Our fights turned bitter and it was turning worse than ever. I just couldn't tolerate you near me but inside I craved for you, longed for you, wanted to love and be loved but all that happened, all the bad moments made me angry.

ou have to believe me I was so curious about you, wanted to know what you are doing, what are you eating and all. I didn't cross the places that we went, didn't eat the things you loved. I even had coffee which I never liked just to feel you. But... Its stupid saying all these now, now when you are gone, gone forever. Previously at least I could hope but now...

Wherever you might be I hope you rest in peace. I am sorry I should have listened to you, to my heart but I am so sorry really... May your soul rest in peace....

Yours always, Love you....

"A lot of the letter's words and lines have faded away. The bottom line is if you ever loved someone or still love and you aren't together, make sure you are not late to say. Don't think of what will happen coz if it's too late you have to live in regret"

Friday, 9 April 2010

Everyone wants to be a Journalist

Yes, that's right. Today half of the youngsters want to be a journalist. Journalism has turned into a profession like engineering and doctor, as they were some twenty years back. Everyone wants be a Barkha Dutt or a Rajdeep Sardesai, everyone wants to work in NDTV, CNN-IBN or TIMES OF INDIA. But do they really know what exactly journalism is?

I guess no. Most of the people I know, once, had no idea of journalism and didn't hear the term also. All they knew was the reporter and the anchor. Suddenly after the advent of news channels like NDTV & CNN-IBN everyone knows what journalism is! Funny thing they even know how to be one!! But very few have an idea about what it really takes to be a journalist. You can't become a journalist overnight and neither have this people like Barkha Dutt or Narasimhan Ram have! Just one bright morning you got up and saw them in your television, reporting from Kargil or writing about Govt scandals didn't make them a journalist.

Very few people have least idea of how the media works. Many think knowing few good words and having great vocabulary makes you a journalist. Many even go to the extent of thinking, IF YOU ARE GOOD LOOKING, IF YOU CAN TALK TWO EXTRA ENGLISH WORDS, you are a journalist. They think just writing two words about what some PC thought or some SRK said will make them a journalist. They don't even have any idea how this words end up in the newspapers and how this channels are reporting day and night live, instantly!!

Journalism is not a glam job, nowhere even near it. It's not a social-work or some duty of a journalist to go ahead and save the world!! Sorry it isn't. I guess half the people don't even know what the meaning of the word NEWS  is! If you don't know let me help you, it means North East West South. Journalism is not some government office job, where you get up early in the morning, go to office chit chat about what is happening around you, jot down what to cover, whom to send where and come back home at the time when all office-goers return! Sorry it isn't!

Again people slam Media whenever they dislike something about Journalist. Journalism is one branch of Media, the others being advertising, publishing, radio, television and new media. Having a degree in Journalism doesn't make you one journalist and neither writing two-three articles for some agency. Journalism is not about knowing thousand languages!

And yes like everything else, journalism has negatives too. So don't go brooding about it. Just because you are seeing it on television doesn't mean journalism and journalists are bad. Let me tell you had there not been television or tough print media then Mamatadi wouldn't have got so much of importance too. Yes I mean it. Media has some ethics and there is ethic-less journalism too. But hadn't there been a little bit of ethic-less journalism then possibly no one would have come to know about Swami Nithayananda or Love Sex Aur Dhoka. But that is a type of journalism, which is known by the name of TABLOID!

In India where news pops up in every five minutes it is really hard thing for a JOURNALIST to report all. News don't come to them, like you expect, they go to cover news, only the rumors of the news reach them or more often they know about the news from before hand (it's the instinct of a journalist that works then). So if you think you will go to the office and news will come to you early morning alongwith tea, sorry it won't!

Please don't be a journalist because you can't be anything else. It isn't a call centre! Half the people go after fame and money, when in reality it takes years to achieve it. It isn't the only profession in the world. Please let the people to be journalists who really want to be one. Don't disrupt their life by wasting your time running after the profession and creating more stupid competition. Journalists are not police (unless you want to be a Arnab Goswami) and neither they are NGO workers. They are the one's who even in their dreams run with a mic and camera after a tank rather than SRK'S car. They dream of taking interviews of Osama bin Laden more and Shilpa Shetty very less. They are the one who wants to stay at every place till the end! They don't care about anything, they just care about reporting facts that most of the people don't know or are ignorant about.

And yes Barkha Dutt isn't the only journalist for god's sake, she is one of them. And your Chetan Bhagat or Suhel Seth isn't a journalist, they are columnist. If you don't know your Indian journalists only nicely, it will be really heard for you to be one yourself. By the way mugging up things, knowing numerous words, having bags of marks doesn't make you a journalist, sorry to say.

Wanna be a journalist go cover how Talibans killed a South Indian engineer, how shrewdly SRK made profit out of MNIK controversy and how many Naxals are hiding in PC's house! You want to be a journalist you have to play with mud. You can't stay out of the crowd and go on commenting on things. You can never complain about anything. If you really want to be a journalist, learn to take criticism sportingly!!

I always use to wonder why anyone I meet asked me - "Why do you want to be a journalist?" Now I know the answer. Because through one person's answer they can quickly understand who can be a journalist really. With so much of people running after journalism, as if it is some kind of Indian Idol going on, people are meant to ask questions, like this - WHY JOURNALISM!!!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Life is a journey

Looking back and forward

Today has been the last day of a journey that started three years back. After the journey ended the feeling of it getting ended didn't get in me, but now when I sit and think about it, it is like a long long look back down the memory lane. Not just the small journey of the last 3 years but also all the journeys I have travelled. Haven’t really ever thought of anything seriously in life, except my dreams. There is so much. Friends, family. But they have been always there as something that is suppose to. But what if suddenly they aren’t?

People come and people go away. At one point it is really hard to sit and think who were real and who were not. Nothing lasts forever but just like air is always surrounding us, we expect someone to last till the end of our life. We expect our parents to stay like we want, our friends, siblings, every relation that we come across. But time and again and again, it is the same story for all.

Few days back I was discussing with a friend of mine, a friend whom one year back only I knew to be just another guy whom you come across the net. But things changes. Good old friends turned enemies, and new friends came in.

A journey is about to end in my life. And a new one will start. And I hope like every time that this journey lasts long. All this small journeys make one long life but at the end of the day we should have something with us about which we can lie down and think and be happy about. with every journey coming to an end, our hunger for love and every thing increases rather than we accepting the truth that life and all its parts and parcels are suppose to be like this. Like everyone else, I also hope, apart from dreams, when I leave this world forever, I may have a friend from every journey of my life beside me. That’s it and nothing else. And I don't care whether at the end they turn foes, just their presence and the fact that I had them with me when I left will be enough to take with us for a bigger journey.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

How Many Times You Fall in Love

It is LOVE not Bungee-Jumping..!!

How many times in life did you fall in love? And how? Like from chair, bed or your terrace? I think I started falling in 'love' when I was in school, class eight and I fell from my class desk. Yes! I fell for my classmate and then I went on falling. I've no idea from that time how many times I've fallen but I can say I have fallen from chair, windows, stairs, buses, etc.

When I say I have fallen it simply means the thing for which we end up falling or being attracted towards someone. Without thinking we jump into the 'pensive' world of love which we end up calling infatuation, when we are rescued from that fall. It is a trans-like world. You become a 'sandhu' of love. All you see is love, love, love. But that is not love. I don't even know what it is!

Love is something that you have inside your stupid heart for a special someone, a feeling you can't describe. Almost like a deep soft corner. And when you love someone, you don't fall or rise in love but you remain what you are, only, you become more mature, you think, you are yourself and normal because who loves you makes you feel so.

So don't fall or rise in love but love unconditionally. Or else you'll end up falling in love for the rest of your life and the health ministry will have to think about opening a hospital for people falling in love. Surely you don't want yourself to be knocked in your heart by a 'love' doctor with a 'love' hammer!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Women's Emancipation

A NO to All Types of Reservation Including Women's

Women's emancipation in India is nothing new. It is a very old debate that comes to limelight whenever a woman is victimized and exploited. Previously only few mighty women, who defied conventions of our patriarchal society went ahead and spoke about empowerment of women. Right now each and every woman does. The idea of women's empowerment in our patriarchal society has been a hostile one. Many feminist (most of them not knowing the real meaning of feminism and treating it as female chauvinism) has been continuously fighting for the right of our Indian women. Now they can really say they have been successful with the passing of Women's Reservation Bill in Rajya Sabha. But sadly, like me, there are many women who questions the validity and importance of this Bill.

Let me take an example of women's empowerment from a country, from which we most of the time copy and try to implement the copied thing in our country - UK. The question of empowerment of women in the English Society is very old. They didn't make any bill to emancipate women or any different rights for them. They had popular women - Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, etc. But there was a time when the question of emancipation had aroused in their society for the equal rights of women rather than forming some laws and implementing it on people. There were societies which was there to help women make their OWN positions.

India, like them can do just by a mass uprising or giving serious attention to a woman's issues and interest. Let make this clear - NO WOMAN CAN EMANCIPATE IF IT DOESN'T COME AHEAD, IF IT DOESN'T HAVE THE URGE HERSELF, IF IT DOESN'T FIGHT FOR HER RIGHTS HERSELF. A woman will succumb to power and patriarchy if she doesn't protest no matter how many reservation is made for them. what society will see is more of women like - Mayawati, Jayalalitha, rabri Devi, Uma Bharti and very few like Kiran Bedi. And ironically all these women, even our President didn't needed a women's bill to ensure they reach where they are.

It is true it is very early to question the validity of the Bill but as seen in the past, there has been a strong competition among women for power rather than betterment. There are many women from the rural background and weak who had come today to achieve a reputed spot in society, did they come through reservation?

Many say this bill is an entry point to power. But this entry point was not present earlier then how come the rest came forward? What our society needs in not reservations! Of any form for any individual. Reservations only create discriminations, categorising and proving discrimination is present in our country. It creates inequality. We already have our fundamental rights. Why not work on something that will ensure everyone is able to use it, rather than creating more rights. Sadly all these new rights question the validity of our Fundamental Rights only. How weak we are that we need other rights to ensure our emancipation and how weak we are that we are being denied our our basic Fundamental Rights.

To emancipate women we need to make a woman first aware of her identity. We as a whole need to support and emphasize the need to recognize women's ways of thinking and behaving to be as valuable as those of men. We, not only women but men of all sections needs to come ahead and make a mass movement, socially, to emancipate women against traditional stereotyping into a fixed gender category. We need to abolish the negatives ourselves rather than waiting for someone to and this doesn't refer to emancipation of women only but of all who are backward in our society. Just writing or sharing or voicing like I am won't do, but we have to do it in the real sense. Let us not keep reserving our society and divide it into a reserved and the non-reserved.