Thursday, 14 January 2010

For My Friend

It would be real injustice
If I write a verse in thy name,
With forced emotions,
In sufficient phrases.

You asked me, after loving
My beauty but dear
Am not Wordsworth
And nor you are Dorothy.

Still I'll attempt to write
Something for you, about you,
To you because I can
Never deny my sweet
Friend's plea.

Tell me what do you,
Want to hear,
And I will write
Those rhythmically;
Hoping, it will make you happy.

Friend, I'll be ever grateful
To your support, that you have
Showered, whenever I've asked.
The little I know of you,
Is all good,
And all that I don't know,
I don't really want to know.

Because the much of you,
I have with me,
Is enough for me
To live with.
Thank you,
Hope we will be
Like this, truly!

To Srimoyee

1 comment:

Shrimoyee Chatterjee said...

I'm really honoured my dear....... I cant deny d fact dat u r a gud writer(inborn)...I wish ur skill may b known 2 d world & u get wat u deserve 2 get... Keep smilling :D