Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Life is a journey

Looking back and forward

Today has been the last day of a journey that started three years back. After the journey ended the feeling of it getting ended didn't get in me, but now when I sit and think about it, it is like a long long look back down the memory lane. Not just the small journey of the last 3 years but also all the journeys I have travelled. Haven’t really ever thought of anything seriously in life, except my dreams. There is so much. Friends, family. But they have been always there as something that is suppose to. But what if suddenly they aren’t?

People come and people go away. At one point it is really hard to sit and think who were real and who were not. Nothing lasts forever but just like air is always surrounding us, we expect someone to last till the end of our life. We expect our parents to stay like we want, our friends, siblings, every relation that we come across. But time and again and again, it is the same story for all.

Few days back I was discussing with a friend of mine, a friend whom one year back only I knew to be just another guy whom you come across the net. But things changes. Good old friends turned enemies, and new friends came in.

A journey is about to end in my life. And a new one will start. And I hope like every time that this journey lasts long. All this small journeys make one long life but at the end of the day we should have something with us about which we can lie down and think and be happy about. with every journey coming to an end, our hunger for love and every thing increases rather than we accepting the truth that life and all its parts and parcels are suppose to be like this. Like everyone else, I also hope, apart from dreams, when I leave this world forever, I may have a friend from every journey of my life beside me. That’s it and nothing else. And I don't care whether at the end they turn foes, just their presence and the fact that I had them with me when I left will be enough to take with us for a bigger journey.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

How Many Times You Fall in Love

It is LOVE not Bungee-Jumping..!!

How many times in life did you fall in love? And how? Like from chair, bed or your terrace? I think I started falling in 'love' when I was in school, class eight and I fell from my class desk. Yes! I fell for my classmate and then I went on falling. I've no idea from that time how many times I've fallen but I can say I have fallen from chair, windows, stairs, buses, etc.

When I say I have fallen it simply means the thing for which we end up falling or being attracted towards someone. Without thinking we jump into the 'pensive' world of love which we end up calling infatuation, when we are rescued from that fall. It is a trans-like world. You become a 'sandhu' of love. All you see is love, love, love. But that is not love. I don't even know what it is!

Love is something that you have inside your stupid heart for a special someone, a feeling you can't describe. Almost like a deep soft corner. And when you love someone, you don't fall or rise in love but you remain what you are, only, you become more mature, you think, you are yourself and normal because who loves you makes you feel so.

So don't fall or rise in love but love unconditionally. Or else you'll end up falling in love for the rest of your life and the health ministry will have to think about opening a hospital for people falling in love. Surely you don't want yourself to be knocked in your heart by a 'love' doctor with a 'love' hammer!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Women's Emancipation

A NO to All Types of Reservation Including Women's

Women's emancipation in India is nothing new. It is a very old debate that comes to limelight whenever a woman is victimized and exploited. Previously only few mighty women, who defied conventions of our patriarchal society went ahead and spoke about empowerment of women. Right now each and every woman does. The idea of women's empowerment in our patriarchal society has been a hostile one. Many feminist (most of them not knowing the real meaning of feminism and treating it as female chauvinism) has been continuously fighting for the right of our Indian women. Now they can really say they have been successful with the passing of Women's Reservation Bill in Rajya Sabha. But sadly, like me, there are many women who questions the validity and importance of this Bill.

Let me take an example of women's empowerment from a country, from which we most of the time copy and try to implement the copied thing in our country - UK. The question of empowerment of women in the English Society is very old. They didn't make any bill to emancipate women or any different rights for them. They had popular women - Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, etc. But there was a time when the question of emancipation had aroused in their society for the equal rights of women rather than forming some laws and implementing it on people. There were societies which was there to help women make their OWN positions.

India, like them can do just by a mass uprising or giving serious attention to a woman's issues and interest. Let make this clear - NO WOMAN CAN EMANCIPATE IF IT DOESN'T COME AHEAD, IF IT DOESN'T HAVE THE URGE HERSELF, IF IT DOESN'T FIGHT FOR HER RIGHTS HERSELF. A woman will succumb to power and patriarchy if she doesn't protest no matter how many reservation is made for them. what society will see is more of women like - Mayawati, Jayalalitha, rabri Devi, Uma Bharti and very few like Kiran Bedi. And ironically all these women, even our President didn't needed a women's bill to ensure they reach where they are.

It is true it is very early to question the validity of the Bill but as seen in the past, there has been a strong competition among women for power rather than betterment. There are many women from the rural background and weak who had come today to achieve a reputed spot in society, did they come through reservation?

Many say this bill is an entry point to power. But this entry point was not present earlier then how come the rest came forward? What our society needs in not reservations! Of any form for any individual. Reservations only create discriminations, categorising and proving discrimination is present in our country. It creates inequality. We already have our fundamental rights. Why not work on something that will ensure everyone is able to use it, rather than creating more rights. Sadly all these new rights question the validity of our Fundamental Rights only. How weak we are that we need other rights to ensure our emancipation and how weak we are that we are being denied our our basic Fundamental Rights.

To emancipate women we need to make a woman first aware of her identity. We as a whole need to support and emphasize the need to recognize women's ways of thinking and behaving to be as valuable as those of men. We, not only women but men of all sections needs to come ahead and make a mass movement, socially, to emancipate women against traditional stereotyping into a fixed gender category. We need to abolish the negatives ourselves rather than waiting for someone to and this doesn't refer to emancipation of women only but of all who are backward in our society. Just writing or sharing or voicing like I am won't do, but we have to do it in the real sense. Let us not keep reserving our society and divide it into a reserved and the non-reserved.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Love Actually

As said before, in LOVE, probably the most important thing is patience. But when love ends, real love, it leaves not only a burning forehead or a parching tongue or a heart high-sorrowful. Along with it, it takes away trust, faith, the power of reasoning, ability to believe. It leaves the mind confused, with full of questions which unknowingly or knowingly makes us succumb in pain. It doesn't matter how strong we may be but what remains is ashes, ashes of memories, it makes us react in anger, makes us question a lot of actions of our own. We don't think but react impulsively, we go to the extent of taking revenge by humiliating the person publicly. What happens in the end is, we become cold, stern, insensitive to each other and promise to not see the opposite's face ever again. We even start hating everything about him or her, every single thing related to it. We turn a deaf ear to them.

But somewhere later, when time slows down, like after the storm, when senses starts working, when we start thinking again, we start analyzing situations, we regret about not doing this or that, sometimes even with sternness and saying - "WHATEVER". We feel guilty inside and ultimately try to erase the moments. It's not about real or virtual love, it's about LOVE ACTUALLY. Whether it is really love. It pains and with time it vanishes, what remains is small small pieces of memory that we are unable to remove, may be somewhere we don't want to.

N.B. None of the above content is related to my own life or any personal experience. It's all that I've seen and learnt from others.