Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Love Letter

"I got hold of it through a friend long time back when I was in school. Though it is very old it is of immense importance as the story is same everywhere. This is a love letter as the title says by a young woman to her deceased lover. It was presented to the lover in his funeral. But it was too late as the letter says..."


I know it is too late for me to write this to you but you should understand that I didn't write till now because of the things that happened. I wasn't scared or afraid, I just wanted to forget and live happily ever after but my fate has something else for me I see. I have to live in regret after all. You have to understand that I am and neither you are to be blamed for the breaking apart of each and every relationship. It was the situations, misunderstandings, people and also the time was wrong. I guess we loved ourselves so much that we didn't see or never imagined the small small things that make a happy life. Quarrels are part of life but I guess our ignorance of it and too many happy moments that we shared made all the difference.

We never thought, did we, that there will be fights, quarrels and one day one of us will go to the extent of walking out of everything, leaving the other alone.

After we fell apart many people wanted me to believe that you left because you didn't love me and loved someone else and somewhat I felt so too. But again there were moments when you tried hard to mend things but we fell apart. Our fights turned bitter and it was turning worse than ever. I just couldn't tolerate you near me but inside I craved for you, longed for you, wanted to love and be loved but all that happened, all the bad moments made me angry.

ou have to believe me I was so curious about you, wanted to know what you are doing, what are you eating and all. I didn't cross the places that we went, didn't eat the things you loved. I even had coffee which I never liked just to feel you. But... Its stupid saying all these now, now when you are gone, gone forever. Previously at least I could hope but now...

Wherever you might be I hope you rest in peace. I am sorry I should have listened to you, to my heart but I am so sorry really... May your soul rest in peace....

Yours always, Love you....

"A lot of the letter's words and lines have faded away. The bottom line is if you ever loved someone or still love and you aren't together, make sure you are not late to say. Don't think of what will happen coz if it's too late you have to live in regret"