Saturday, 31 July 2010

Perception and Reality

Lately I have found out what to we believe and perceive or was thinking to be like that was never the reality or even close to the truth. What it was all the time was pretence. I hate pretence and I hate people to boast it. More I hate when people use this same mechanism to insult, using their own mechanism and trying to prove that in others. I know it is hard to understand what I mean. Let me say it more directly - I hate people with two faces, with cheap motifs.

I met a young boy few days back. He talks less and appears to be in deep thinking and calculations always, a good way to disillusion people. What is inside him was really hard for me or anyone to understand. At first I thought no this is him, peculiar but incapable of hurting. But how long can a two-faced person stay inside one cocoon only? Slowly the other side of his face appeared. And this didn't surprise me. What I had to say I said on the face but people who are not ashamed of their acts find every piece of joke as a serious thing and serious as joke or they try twisting it like their twisted brain.

Another one is someone I know now for sometime. My interactions with the person had been totally on the basis of professional or educational, however there were instances when we discussed few personal issues. I did realize or had thought in those many interactions that something will turn little bitter or this person will. And that did happen. How cheap mindset these people have. When they see that they can't accept the reality or face the truth all they do is try to shout back at the people in some mean and cheap way and even ways which the person had once told to dislike.

Fake Pretense and Cheap is the three words I have for them. 

Though many people can describe them in many ways, I will do in these three words.What is the solution for them, treat them like they treat others and behave with them in their way. When later they question your act, just say - I GAVE YOUR OWN PIECE BACK.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Mumbai - My Second Home

Things I Hate About Mumbai

So what should I start with, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai or Mumbai Meri Jaan? Rather I should say Once upon a time in Mumbai, meri jaan, I lived and experienced life. I am crazy girl from Violence-Struck Kolkata (Like Most Say), I have grown up there till my college days, in the City of Joy, left the city for betterment. And just where do I land up? In my second home, my Mumbai. No I don't call it my second home because I live here now but for the very fact that I have been here almost ten to twelve times, sharing a special connection with the City of Dreams.

This time the story is different, the experience and the life, unlike other times.Its almost like I am discovering the city again, rather for the first time. The streets, people, houses, offices, food and of all myself in the big city. All of these have made me approach towards the place in a different way now and most of the time making me compare with my hometown Kolkata, which I shouldn't. But I am a human and this is my nature.

Mumbai is a great place to live your younger days, when you wanna work, strive and prove to the world that you are worth being noticed! Nobody waits for no one here, nobody cares rather but when there is a crisis, the whole of Mumbai comes together to fight it. People here not only work hard but party hard to. You can live like a free bird, you will meet so many type of people and learn the good and the bad bits. Mumbai has enough reasons to make you fall in love with it but it has also got reasons to hate it, if not a lot but a little, at least to me.

First thing first I hate the transport system of Mumbai. No matter how many source of travel is there. I just hate it. Trains might be the lifeline of the city but that doesn't mean you will ignore the other sources and not work on them. Again trains might face problem then the other sources will feel the pressure but if you don't work on those sources how will they work nicely? Depending on one particular source is really bad.

Again the auto rickshaws can't travel beyond Bandra. I would have loved if it traveled between small distances, to the stations as I see a huge no of people depending on it.

Here we wait for one bus for one, two hours and there is no surety if it will really come. Then why the hell run buses? And people don't care about all these!!

The one thing I really expect from people is to know the city totally and not be ignorant of because I have seen a lot of them in few days ignorant about the city. Don't blame the government if there is a blast, blame yourself for being ignorant because I feel all that happened in the past is due to the ignorance of the people living here.

Having said all of these I am enjoying my stay in Mumbai but I wanna see Mumbai get out of the little things I disliked till now.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Flurys Losing Charm

For every Calcuttan, Flurys is a place of being proud and celebrating life. It's just not the restaurant at Park Street, famous for it's pastries and history but a place to celebrate about to the world by simply being present there. From Juhi Chawla to a simple 2 year old, Flurys has always been the place to spend a lovely morning, a gala afternoon and a cheerful evening. However, the old charm of Flurys is fading away with time.

Remember 15 Stephen Court, blazing, caught in the middle of political games, unsure of it bouncing back, dead, charred bodies and the home for places like Peter Cat, One Step Up and Flurys. We all were sad, hurt, agonised when the we had to see our beloved place being covered with sadness, tragedy and horror, we had to see the shutters going down; then hoping badly the place comes back to life very soon before its very late.

And luckily I was present when Flurys re-opened after the tragic event, with an emotional welcome, not only by the hosts but the media too. It just felt like WE ARE BACK HOME. Nowhere did we felt like going, it was like winning our lost territories.

However last day when I with two of my friends visited the place, we were totally shocked, surprised and angered by what we saw. Unwelcoming people, no co-ordination, no service to help us settle, poor service at table, we had to ask literally over and over again for even a GLASS OF WATER, flies hovering around, unhygienic environment, hair in the food, water leaking from the ceiling. The thing which bugged us the most was poor service, rather very poor service. We had to wait so long to give orders and even once we felt like getting up and heading towards another place across the street.

That's not all! How can a place like Flurys, in a peak hour ask there workers to clean the ceiling while people are having their food! Can someone explain?!

I least expected this kind of attitude by their staffs, such hospitality, such condition of food, unhygienic environment and of all insects around the place. I don't want apologies but Flurys to wake up. Sympathies doesn't last long, so you guys better start working now or else your shutters will get down soon, again.