Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I am a strange bird

I am a strange bird,
I have no home.
I fly from one space to another
Crossing many lands,
I have known no boundaries
Yet I have been limited to one;
The one which is invisible
And most of the time pulls me down.

I try and find new places
Where I might be welcomed and feel pleasant.
But till now I haven't
And though it will remain same through out the time
My search it still on.
I am a strange bird,
I have no home.
No friends, no guides, no mirrors to console.

I depend on the air that cuts through my wings
And glide me through the hard time
Which I myself have created.
Though all these words seems so small
I know all will remain same
Still I search on.
I am a strange bird
And I have no home.


nabeel ziyaan said...

Beautiful! :)

Manpreet Bedi said...

simply awesome. :)

Sudatta said...

Thanks guys

piyali said...

nice :))

Sh@s said...

Beautiful. It may sound strange but I can relate to this post.