Thursday, 9 December 2010

The year I felt like saying - Ok That's IT

It's too early to write about this year. Who knows what might happen in the next few days. This has been the year of events for me. Of all sorts. Now when I sit and look back I actually cannot think and imagine how can so  much and how did so much happen in one year! And then this is life. What from where why things may happen you will never know. So lets see what are the things.

The year started wonderfully! It seemed it was the best year of my life. What may come, I was ready to face everything happily as I had everything I wanted then. Friends, family, love, life, aim and most of all happiness. But with the change of months, the craziness of life started increasing.

The first month of the year was what I will call sparks started flying. Arguments, misunderstandings, delusions, all that is needed to strike of a war. The second month brought in the first round of blows, direct pointing and framing and being charged off. March meant taking actions. And in one moment, I saw people who made me believe "what may come.." disappear. At that moment I stood friendless, loveless, guilty like a prisoner, imprisoned and kept in isolation. Did it changed me? Yes. Which meant preparing massively like never before for my finals which came in the fourth month of the year.

As a believer of numerology (the only thing I believe in) number four and I don't go hand in hand and anytime we come together means more destruction. I had mentally prepared and left preparing for exams, assuming that when it's four no one can save me. I felt doomed. The exams came, I gave, the first papermade me dead, rest as they say should be let lost in the pages of my life's story.

May meant trip, vacation, traveling, break from bondage. For me it seemed rehabilitation, to come back fresh. So I took the opportunity and went to Dehra Dun, one of the two favourite places of mine. I found family getting closer to me or me getting closer to my family for the first time. Thought everything happens for the best. But then again, blow came, misunderstandings, misconceptions, framings, charges but finally in the court of family and relatives I was let off as I was charged guilty without proofs. This one event made me go even more far far away from my family and relatives. Yes things happened then for the best. Atleast that made me come to know what is what.

Then came the month when I sat at home and tried everywhere to get a job! Yes by Jove's name, I got an internship offer at MiD-DaY and two months later ran all the way to Mumbai, or Bombai like I love calling it. But the biggest achievement at that point of my life was short lived. However in this short time, I lived the happiest moment of my year. Thanks to Abhijit Majumder, Sarita Tanwar, Upala, Shaheen, Freny and all. Days were like days in Eldorado. Rainy days always irritated me but those days even rain felt like blessing from Cheiro! At that time my exam's result also came out and to my disbelief I scored the second highest in my class and best result in my three years of rotten collegehood. I came first among girls. I spent the best days of my life with my younger sister like anything, like we were meant to be together and never apart. I was on top of the world. I guess it was time to get down which I refused to and I was pushed down from the top back to plain land of my city streets.

In the next month, september, I found myself among my siblings and it was they who tried all sorts to keep me warm and happy :-) Met my sister after two damn years, was so happy and my dearest brother was there to make the event even bigger. I got admitted to Calcutta University, the place I hated the most (I still do). Met some old friends, with changed faces and met new people but the year was so damn entertaining that it helped me to learn the new people's character around me. So with like minded people a new term started.

Then came the month of festivals, participating in events, partying with new friends, trying my hand at everything and anything possible. This was the month when my talents came to the limelight. I was appreciated like never before by all, especially by people who thought I was the witch of my colony ready to crucify their children and brainwash their grown up boys. But suddenly a storm came and with it came November. Sweet November felt thorny, past suddenly jumped out like someone intentionally had dug up the graves where I engraved people alive.

To escape truth I ran away to the forests with my parents and their friends and returned in the next month, the last month of the year. This month as you know has just started but the initial days has already been quite irritating, oops I mean entertaining. So entertaining Taylor Swift's songs Back to December and Haunted doesn't live my mind.

To end with I might conclude I had put on the avatar of Santa Claus this year. Gifted people whom I love and meant special though who are not related to me anyone. I might also add I have been getting frequent visits from a bat clan, don't know which clan but I am sure not Count Dracules must be some small time. And this year has given and restored or kept people whom I wondered to be virtual, yes you know who. And now I will conclude by writing, coming up next will be new year's resolution, which is .....