Thursday, 24 March 2011

One of those poems

I find happiness in small things,
In my pen, my diary, in a chocolate
Whose taste I don't love.

Happiness comes to me in the form of
Packed bus rides, slow trams, friends,
My parker pen, two-day fest, a black jeans
And my red converses.

Little! But I find them everywhere,
They keep me alive; My medicine,
For all purposes, like sleep.
I desire them the most.

Desire a blackberry but refuse to part ways
With my present.
Desire a MaC but am satisfied with
Having none.
Peace is so much beautiful
Like lying alone on a green lawn
Dreaming, desiring,
Eyes shut and feeling the air
With the blanket of the light blue sky.

Happiness I find in small things,
Like giving away and not wanting back.


softykid said...

Beautiful :)

Sudatta said...

thnx :)

GSP said...

Goddess of small things :)

Aloke said...

Like it ....

ronnie said...

amazing.. :)

Binoy said...
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Phoenix said...

Really nice. Keep it up. I read it somewhere once, "While looking forward to few big happiness like weddings, diwali, christmas, new year, festivals...we generally tend to overlook number of these small happy moments which come in our lives on a daily basis."

raat jaga taara said...

lyk ur writing as always.....keep going darling!!!