Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pain I love thee to Death

Do I love being pain?
At least my hands indicates so;
The different scars that's left by time
Gives an addicted pleasure to my soul.

Is pain more lovable than happiness?
It seems so, all the silence, the intense feelings
Makes me crave for more.

But why all of this?
What's that I'll earn from it?
What's the pleasure of pain?
I've not known it yet!

Gutso is what I desired for
When it didn't appear
Pain gave me plenty of it.
Your sadistic pleasure, pain I love thee to Death.


raat jaga taara said...

like it re......

sawan said...

not sure of my emotions after reading this. Sudatta, u made me think on a friday!! :O :)

Sandip said...

Well, being a total 'stranger', donno what to comment; but the 'intensity' of the words has dragged my fingers to the keyboard, and compelling me to write something. Good work, habe!