Thursday, 28 July 2011


Relationships are like riddles
They have been changing over the years;
Yesterday we had to pretend,
Today, doubt ourselves,
Tomorrow, splash our real-selves.

For society, some maintained
Even if they didn't grasp,
Some smiled, some sighed, some were
Precociously captivated.

Time changed, we freed our consciousness
For happiness, for vanity.
Beside the mark, beside the point,
Beside the purpose,
We did asked our own clamor
Conjectured our insecurities
Before inkling the end.

What we will be tomorrow,
Will be another story of today.
Furnished or unfulfilled,
It will become a paragraph
In our history.


Aurindam Mukherjee said...

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful. :)

raat jaga taara said...

Liked a lot reading it...

Ronnie said...

Ahem ahem...opurbo :)