Sunday, 4 September 2011

Just another love story

They were the best of friends. More than friends. They were the best lovers. They made everyone else jealous. He was her belief in relationships. She was his belief in love. They had a pet owl. The owl was their symbol of presence. He moved to another city. They broke off. She blamed his father. He blamed her ego.  They stopped talking to each other. She cut off from everyone he knew. He cut off from life that she knew. She didn’t cry. She never believed in crying. She thought it was a waste of time.

But they couldn’t forget each other. He kept messaging her. She kept expecting the message.

Things moved on like that. But she never replied. One day the messages stopped coming. She got sad. She waited and waited. She couldn’t bear no more. She messaged him one day. He replied. She messaged no more. He kept messaging her again. Then one day he called her. She didn’t pick up. He went to meet her at her house. She was surprised. He blamed her indirectly for everything. She didn’t say anything. Her mother blamed her for unable to keep relationships. She still didn’t cry.

She met new people. She thought she moved on. She was having fun. Life seemed to be better. But one day she saw him with someone else. He was in her city. He didn’t tell her. They met by chance. They ignored each other. And then finally she broke into tears. Uncontrollable. She felt all alone. She thought she was all alone.

But then she met someone. They became good friends. More than good friends. Close friends. Special friends. She saw him as someone to keep her mind away from the past. She was looking towards the future. Nowhere concentrating on the present. She didn’t know what he felt. One day, suddenly, the guy came and told her – we are just good friends. She was ok with it. Just ok. Things changed. They were now good friends. Then just friends. Months passed like this. At the end of the year, the new guy told her that he loves her but can’t be with her. She felt cheated. She felt weak, terrible. She felt like an experiment. She felt she was an object to cry on. She disappeared.

She was back at the same place. She realized she could have never gone on with the new guy. She felt bad. However life had something else for her.

One day he messaged her again. Again and again. She replied this time. They kept messaging. He told her that he is coming to her to city. He came. They met. She was happy that they were good friends, again. He went back. She got busy with her life, her career. He got busy searching for a job. He got a job. He was shifting away to a land far far away. He informed her. She was happy for him. But then the messages stopped coming.

Few days later, she came to know, he is getting engaged. So that he isn’t alone, staying away, from everything. From her.

She didn’t wait. She didn’t cry. She just opened her eyes. She woke up from a deep sleep. 


Sandy said...

Gosh! This is so real. I do believe the essence of relationships has degenerated. People value so much of their own needs, they forget what hearts they break and then there is another category of people who refuse to let it kill them...and they kill themselves every day anyways! Hugs!

Nishad said...

Brilliant Stuff!!!

Sohini said...

Very real as Sandy rightly says.. probably every second person can relate to this tale..
Had written something in a similar "he" and "she" fashion sometime back.. almost a similar theme as well.. Here it is -

Prasad Kulkarni said...

A very true story. He and She can be replaced with anyone's name. Being and declaring you are boyfriend/girlfriend of someone has gathered the importance and the important feeling of being there for each other and understanding each other has faded out.

Small things have got enough punch to destroy the trust. But at the same time, there are people who still very much live on the lines of definition of true love. Very few, but they are there.

dipabali naha said...

the story moved me ..coz i cud relate it to su.....i must tell u...give sme the will bring..mre life to it....n there r few thingsssss which u nid to concentrate on..will tell u..personally...
kip up the gud wrk gal........too gud...

meethimirchi said...

quite descriptive & captivating!