Tuesday, 15 November 2011

That's Just Me

I have been wandering off a lot lately 
Got stuck inside the oblivion of thoughts. 
I am trying to reach out for something 
Which I haven’t yet imagined about. 

Complex, frustrated, crazy, confused – 
Is what they call me.
I simply pay no heed and walk on. 

But inside me, deep inside, there is something, 
That I myself have not been able to understand, 
That am desperately trying to. 
Words hate me, time has left me. 
Am all struggling to get out (in the world), 
The way people want me to.

But for what? I ask.

"All I want is a little understanding" – says my stupid heart. 
And I lie back to fall sleep 
And let this 
Disturbed mind calm down. 

And after all these, someone will come and state – 
"You and your addled mind." 

But that’s just me. Like it or not.


Rajat Pasrija said...


papiya bhattacharya said...

Carry on with ur search ,dont gv up u wll find it........

Shruthi said...


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Sanjay Pratyush said...

Going through the same thing.. i can so relate to this

Kush said...

Just get a cool boyfriend