Friday, 2 November 2012

I will defeat you in Thinking

I realised long time back that people cannot survive without thinking. And if any person today say I don't think, he or she is practically living a life of lie.

I am one of those folks who thinks too much. Earlier I used to think if there is any job which pays for sleeping then I would have become millionaire by the end of my college. But, with present circumstances, I guess if there is any job which pays for thinking, I can become a billionaire by 25.

The amount of thinking I would do, is a Guiness record itself. For example, travelling to office, I am listening to Why Georgia by John Mayer, writing all these but thinking of work and extended work. So you see how much of thinking I can do. Noise, place, crowd doesn't matter to me. Okay, while writing all these, another thought crosses my mind, that I didn't water the plants! See the multi-layer thinking I can do?

My thoughts are like multi-level random networking. And I 'THINK' I can do well with the thinking process.

If Dumbledore had to present his Pensieve, I am sure it would have seem so small to me. I need a Pensieve an hour.

With that thought, and lots of random thoughts that I have no control of, like lunatic sperms, I sign off. Let the people around me Rest In Their Own Thoughts.

Leaving with thought - "O re manwa tu to bawra hai. Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai."

(The Black Rose Gal is soon going to City of Joy and is feeling restless. Her mind and thoughts are all scattered all over her place!)