Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Why she left?

The Black Rose Gal tried to go to sleep but a thought was bothering her, why ___ went without saying goodbye. The Black Rose Gal could only come up with the following conclusion.

She was never meant to leave. She was a nomad. He knew. And that is why he loved her. For what she was and has always been. But out of the blue, even though promising to meet once again, without meeting for the one last final time, she went away, far away. He knows she will come back but what he doesn’t know is whether he will be the same person still then. Waiting was his favourite hobby, waiting for her when he knew she will return but this time the wait seems a long one and his patience has ran out. He doesn’t want to wait. 

He needs an answer. Why? Why she left? Was she always like this or is this what she had planned, to leave. Why didn’t she share? Did he do anything? Then why she didn’t say? Did he went too far ahead this time? Ideally, he was never possessive but he was possessive about her being around. Why? Because she made him feel loved and pampered. And she was the only one who made him feel loved. He left home very early in life and she made his wandering life a home. She came in as an angel. He promised that he won’t get attached so much to her but he couldn’t help. Her love was just too addictive. But she left. With all her stuff. The bag, her music and diaries, things which make her life full.

May be she found what she was looking for here, with him. And now she went away to find something else. May be she had got what she needed from him and went to search something else somewhere else. But did she think before leaving him? Whether he was okay without her or will he be? He didn’t like people going away without saying goodbye. He didn’t like incomplete sentences. Since she left, he has been looking for reasons and now she stays away from him, comfortably (he thinks) without letting his impatient mind know the reason for leaving him alone, stranded on the road, just when he felt everything is perfect. May be life is like that for him, may be this is what destiny has planned for him. But he still waits and will always till she returns to know why she left. He is damn fond of her aura, but this time she just went away cutting him off and he is restless.

Why she left? Will she answer any soon? Before he changes and he moves away because honestly he doesn’t want to move away without completing the sentence and to wait for the sentence to get completed, he needs her. However, this time she has gone far away, only to keep him hoping that someday she will return to the native.

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