Friday, 15 August 2014

An incomplete conversation

Picture Courtesy - Google.



You are still here?

Yaa, I have some work to finish.

That is a nice way of working... (Points at the monitor)

Actually am done with my day’s work and I was tired. So, I thought I will catch up on some serials. But I went on watching one episode after the other. Plus, I am too exhausted to work anymore.

Wow! That's a lot going on. But if you are exhausted you can go home, isn't it?

Uhmmm, yes but I guess I like it more here.

We never really met...

Yaa, I guess so.

Hi, I am Ajay.

Hi, I am just me.

That's a new thing. I really like your hair style.

But why? It is not something unique or special.

Yaa, that's the thing you see. Each and every girl tries to do something unique with their hair. It’s so irritating at times. Whereas yours, it is simple.

Uhmmm thanks.

So you ain't going home any soon? It’s pretty late for a lady to be in office.

I guess then am not a lady.

Hahaha... maybe there is something that's obstructing the lady in you from coming out in public.

What's obstructing me from my serials right now is you.

Ouch! That hurts. Am being friendly here.

Pretty late for a gentleman to be friendly with a lady...

Hmmm, point. So what’s your story?

My story is that, I work, I eat, I sleep. Not necessarily in that order. But yes, the story is pretty much like that.



Why don’t you go home?

Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but that is not your business.

Yes, right sorry. My mistake.

No, I do not mean that. I just mean, it is a little personal... Actually, I just do not feel like going home. That’s it. I like working, then I get tired, so I watch serials and then am tired even more. So I sleep off in the office and by the time I wake up it is morning. So I go back home, get ready and come back to work.

Pretty much a lot happening in your life.

Yes. But why are you here?

Projects. Pending projects. And yes, I do like going home. (winks).

Good for you.

You wanna go out a drink?

So late? Am sorry but not everyone stays awake like us.

No, wrong. Nobody stays awake like you.

Yes, true and besides I do not like drinking anymore.

Why don’t you go home?

Because if I go home, I will drink. If I go out, I will drink and it is something I do not like. So I rather stay at office and work and do whatever keeps me away from alcohol.

You know, you can talk to people if you want.

Like who? Counsellor?

Hahaha, not necessarily. Friends?

I do not have one. And the ones I have, they have a life. A better version than mine. So yes, let’s not bother them.

But why would friend’s be bothered by you? They are your friends.

Trust me, a point comes, when even your own family would want some space, from you. Just like you want from them. So, who are friends then?

I see, you have a lot on your mind.

I have a lot on my plate. I think I should sleep now.

Go home.

I will, someday...

You want me to...

No, thanks, appreciate. But, may be when we are not working together.

Ideally we don’t.

I have few principles. Yes, those principles. You should write. May be it will help you.

I am. Writing. My life.