Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Goodbye

With a heavy heart, she said, "This is the final time we meet. After today, we walk different ways. We do not talk about it. But, will you promise to keep something for me?"

In a scared and melancholic voice, he asked, "What?"

She pulled out an envelope from under her trench coat.

"Don't open it now. Go back and read when you are all alone."

He looked at her eyes. Something blurred the hazel tinge. Was it tear or was it always like that? He wondered. He couldn't speak. He could not move. There was something missing. There was something he needed to give. All he wanted was to hold her hands and never let go. If he had to sit like that forever, he was ready for that too.

But he could not remember. It felt incomplete.

She could feel the restlessness inside him. She could not bear leaving him like this. But she had to. Time had rolled the dice too far away. There was no future, and the past was fast disappearing. Memories which made her smile till a month back was now nothing but moments of ecstasies. She couldn't move yet she wanted to escape. Enough was enough. It had to end.

"Will you water the plants when I am gone?"

He never liked plants, but he said nimbly, "Yes."

His eyes gazed deep into her's. He didn't know for how long he could capture the moment. It will be all over soon. She will be gone. If they meet again, she will be a different person.

The train arrived. They looked at each other. She got up, held his hand, pulled him up. He hugged her tight. This was it. They thought. Life would never be the same.

She paused. "I will always be your daughter."

He said, "Just don't do something stupid. Listen to the teachers."

She smiled.

As she walked away and the train left, he put his hand into his coat pocket. And then he remembered what was missing.

She left her ticket with him. Now she had to pay a fine.