Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Week That Made You Go Back To 70's In Blue...

If you think that you have seen SRK's best movies before and Bhansali's Creations many a times, think again, you might be wrong. This weekend with Indian's celebrating Diwali all over the world,Bollywood saw two major films release of the year - Bhansali's Saawariya and Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om.

Diwali wasn't the same like before. People started hanging out much before the time of the first show. Though they were treated with different stories they had only one movie in their minds rather than two, and that's Om Shanti Om....Farah Khan's tribute to the 70's.

This movie could also have been named - 'That 70's Show'!!
Farah's power of making people laugh rather than cry made the crowd go gaga rather than so so. Where on the other side Bhansali's Saawariya left people numb. Bhansali have forgotten that the Indian crowd is not poetic as he is. Just like it is said "English literature is mainly for the people who understands it, for the literate, a section of society, just like that Bhansali's Saawariya can be said it is not for the mass to understand it but for the literate. Though about the acting part if people would have been able to understand then they surely would have appreciated the awesome acting by the duo, especially Ranbir Kapoor.

Every movie doesn't end the way we want, and just like that Bhansali's Saawariya also doesn't. We shouldn't also forget the time this movie has been released. Already there is so much sadness in every one's life, people don't want to get sad again after watching the romantic movie full of emotions, shown by Bhansali and the reason for the movie not having great start are numerous.

Again we shouldn't also forget the time when Black was released. Black didn't have a great start but with time it became a hit. So we can expect that to happen also.

Talking about Om Shanti Om, there is no ending. Its a complete entertainment especially a very very entertaining gift of Diwali by Farah Khan and Red Chili Entertainments. Not only it made us remember the 70's but also brought back enjoyment in the dull season of rough politics. And with a great start by Deepika Padukone and her dialogue," Kutte, kamine, bhagban ke liye mujhe chor de!", made everyone happy.

But don't start thinking that Om Shanti Om is the perfect picture. It does have cons, like the second part is not so entertaining like the first part and the ending is somewhat not digestive, the ghost of Deepika's 70's character coming back for revenge!!

Now for the Oscars if between the two I was asked to choose any one, I would surely say OSO over Saawariya just like the one before(Paheli over Black) because it has originality which Saawariya doesn't. Saawariya already has an English version which has been made and not much accepted and so was Black's! But we don't have to worry about it as we got SRK's "Chak De! India" which we would love to see in Oscars!

For newcomer's like Ranbir and Sonam this Diwali will surely be a tough to handle one but if we see the better side, like how hard and impulsive Bhansali is, its a dream start for them. On the other side it isn't so much easy either for Deepika but yes a little less from the other two.

At the end of the season we will get to see whats really the final results but for time now Bhansali really got to learn lot like please make a movie like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Devdas, which at least mass can understand and another major point - people love being happy not sad. And for Farah well now try making complete movies rather than 90% of the movie yahoo awesome type and the ending 'eh?' type!

Whatever might be the ending right now its time for them to rule and others to decide whats their next movies....

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