Friday, 16 January 2009

An Article Without A Name.

Human Psychology is the most interesting and the hardest thing to understand in this world. To study a person's mind, can help us to know the way by which we can succeed in life. How? Very simple, in each sphere of life, all we struggle to do is to find our opponents weakness, so that we can take advantage of it. Similarly, getting to know the working of someone's mind can help us win the crown.

But for all this thing, first we need to prepare ourselves, with basic principles or values, most of which help us to guide in our day to day struggle and help us in making the most of our life happy.

The first and foremost thing is the courage to be free, to have freedom. Freedom doesn't mean the liberty to do whatever we want but it means courage to be free so that we can work freely, speak the truth, to be honest, loyal, seek our goals without any pressure and so on. All we need is to be free until and unless we have the courage to be free, we can never do anything in our life happily and this makes us think whether we can be free ever because fulfilling our dreams will always make us happy.

At the end of the day, achieving what we want is important and achieving it by loyal means with loyal goals can never be worse.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Well its been a long time since i had written my last blog. I decided not to write again after my friend about whom i wrote in my last blog went away from me. But few of my friends insisted that i start writing again, a thing that i love passionately, whether i write good or not! So with nothing in my mind what to write about, i begin, what i left behind.

This year passed away really fast, extremely. I didn't even realize when January turned into December. And i must thanks this year cause i got a lot of things and i lost even, for the better i believe. The year started as if the season was autumn. It turned into the rough summer followed by cold winter and now it seems again "
Autumn" is back. Its my mind's season, not in real....

Last year i hoped that the coming year turn out to be something pleasant. It did. In the middle of this 2008 i thought it isn't but luck can change anything if you want the thing badly from the deepest core of your heart. Its almost like telepathy. Maybe its only my luck,
Just My Luck.

I see the world in a different way. I elevate everything; situations, gifts, loss, etc. I don't mind cause i find a joy in it. Though it shouldn't be like this cause something its bad. Am unique i believe and one of a kind. My mom says," If you believe that you are happy, everyone loves you then you won't lose ever, you won't be sad ever." I would say,"
Thank You Friends." Yes, its my friends who make my day, who make me feel like am nobody like everybody but I'm Somebody...

I will be back again and this time not after a year but soon....
With lots to share...

Till then keep smiling.....:-)


Its really funny how a movie, a book and your real life experiences can make you start writing. Though I wanted to write a blog but the 'stupid' blog site accused my site as spam. Its doesn't matter to me cause no one except me can stop myself from writing.

Few months back I completed reading Chetan Bhagat's latest and may be, according to me, the best among the three novels. it touches you deeply. After reading the novel, a lot of things happened, fight with friends, funny things at home, etc etc. Maybe I myself created all this, after all if a "saas-bahu" serial can make a happy couple divorce then why can't a book?

Why I am writing? Cause I want you people to read, to enjoy and to know about everything. Life isn't so hard after all, it is the events which makes it. If you are good, you will be able to handle them and if you aren't, I think you obviously know the answer.

By the way, am not Shakespeare or Milton and neither Bernard Shaw, so don't expect great language, touchy quotes. I use the colloquial English Language. After all it is easily understood by all. Even Swami Vivekananda said that why use Sanskrit to write things? Do you use Sanskrit to express joy, sadness, laughter in your everyday life? Or is it the simple mother tongue? So guys expect me to be totally non- dramatic or non-linguistic!!

Am not much old, only eighteen but I assure you that I have seen enough to write history. people might say,"You are too young to experience anything." Dude, give me a break! Tell me, in the recent earthquake at China, haven't the young school kids seen enough destruction? Then? Whats eighteen? Its an age, an age of confusion, frustration, full of diabolism! Now from where did this diabolism come? Well lets put in this way-

" A girl graduates from high-school with a standard percentage, which will make her get into a good college but! The state university has something else for her. She moves on after being rejected from one college to another and finally settles to a so- so college. She doesn't stops dreaming. She dreams of making her college name go high, higher than the no.1 college. But how? You need co-operation! From whom? All selfish people? She makes friendship with union people but stays away from it. She is now loved by all but where is that respect, that love which she got in school? Life changes! She turns into an Agnostic and now starts believing that there isn't anything for her except dejection, rejection and betrayal. she curses life, people, society and of all money. And finally the Devil's happy!"

- That is diabolism, worship of the Devil...!!

You guys can now picture what actually am gonna write about, rather writing about. Yes, am writing about this young girl, who is just eighteen, full of dreams, who wants to be popular, who wants people to love her and admire her and am gonna help her do this, am gonna help her achieve her dreams.

meet her, eighteen years old, studying in college. will give her 1st year college exams soon.Ambitious, full of life, lots of dream. She is multi-talented, believe me. She can sing, she can play, she is friendly, people's person. Her aim is to be a television anchor, especially for a news channel. For now she wanna be a RJ, make people love her voice. She wanna play Table-Tennis for her college, at university level and win. She wants to sing, etc etc. She has capability to do all this, but there is no opportunity! She awaits for one. Right now she is concentrating on her studies, cause her exams are going on. She has secret goals related to her career and for that she gotta study.

This is all, that is known about her. As she is busy in her studies now, I am unable to write anything much. May be soon, after another event or when her exams end I'll.

For know, ask your friends to read my periodical cause believe me I might not be Chetan Bhagat but I am "Sudatta Mukherjee".