Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Moi New Year cum Year End Blog

Fast-fading 2009
A Warm Welcome to 2010

Whether it was the year which went fast or my mind or our expectations, I really don't know. All I know in the midst of rough and tough days and melodious moments, this year has been one of those years which I'll remember for a long time. Maybe forever. 2009 is not the year coming to an end to me, actually but 2008-09. From the middle of 2008 to this very day, this year has brought moments of joy to me. Yes there has been bad days, really bad days; not just days but you can say months but those moments helped me become a more mature person, I believe.

Time for making some new year resolution. I hope just like every year I don't stop writing in my diary. I get bored and tired and stop writing in it. I sincerely hope and wish I'll keep my diary happy and do justice to it by writing in it :-P

We always attempt to replace the orthodox with our emotional experience. Illusion and reality are two different things and all that we know about it, is nothing at all. I hope with this concept I keep on imagining things which I love to, which make me happy but keeping in my mind their validity.

Apart from that I promise I'll remain same and never change due to other things or people.

But most of all I wish 2010 make India to us and not me, a wonderful place to live and cheer about. I wish all past worries are burried and what we want to see becomes true. Here is a poem that I had written::

Beauty seen through a beggar's eyes,
Pleasure enjoyed by a dying man's mind,
Melancholy and joy, side by side,
Fancied by numerous mind.

Goddess of Psyche dressed
In her worst attire,
Leaves boozing the last hours.
Minds flee towards the ecstasy,
Drawing melodious imagery.

All together in one voice,
Singing the same song of life.
Mourning, desired to leave behind,
To welcome a new rhyme.

'Let the warm love in',
Lets join our hands
To a beautiful symphony.

I hope in this way we welcome 2010, leaving everything behind, starting afresh with dreams in our eyes and dreams which we don't aspire but we work on to achieve.

I like to thank my friends, my group BONCHARALS, who has made my life one mess and is one of the biggest pain but even with all these has been with me. I like to say just a simple 'Hi' to Dragon, a lost friend whom I met again after many years.

A big thank to @softykid @sizzler_chetan @cheth @RagsTweets for their continuous help. They are great!!

I like to thank @rwac48, he is a great person and when I say I mean in heart not externally. He will always motivate you and keep your dreams alive. Because of him few dreams of mine are still alive.

Then I like to thank @PritishNandy @BDUTT @rajdeepsardesai @sagarikaghose @suhasinih @abhonsle because there presence makes me dream and keeps me reminding what I aim, what I dream.

At the end will like to thank @jhunjhunwala @HNatarajan whose presence has brought life in my list. And lastly to Twitter which is truly connecting people. So this blog of mine wouldn't have got so promoted or popular had there not been a @twitter to tweet to all the tweeps. Thank you.

So at the last what I see is that this year end was a day of thanking wonderful people for their presence in my life which made life beautiful throughout the year. Hope all of us stay like this :-)

I sincerely hope that every people enjoy the coming year and may all sadness disappear. That's all I hope today!


Friday, 18 December 2009

To Rocky J

From The Black Rose Girl

Hope Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala likes it =)

Monday, 7 December 2009


What is this world full of so-called Humanity?
Where we question whether a man should have died or not
Rather than why did he!

This world, full of humans whose life-story
Is one of tragedy; Full of pain and suffering.
The majority is formed of skeleton-shaped structure
Or victims who fall prey to the wants of other fellow men.

We, humans have come across more than
Thousand years; but in these thousand years,
What have we achieved?

Our history book tells us about great men's great discoveries
But what about those who played the most crucial part in it?
Those men who owns the state
Or those who strive for daily wage?

Have you ever had the want to know
Who's voice is it behind and in middle of the shows,
Who makes us familiar with the numerous things -
Soaps, serials and names of different personalities.

Faith, hope, trust we can but for how long?
For some life is charming, for some it is mere survival
And for the rest it is search for a new world.

What will all of us do, when doomsday struck us?
Even God asked Noah to select one pair and not all!