Monday, 7 May 2012

The imperfect perfect abiding

So tell me where you have been all these days.

She stared at the gate and wondered where is Jim, why isn’t he there to greet her?

She stopped before opening the door.

Hello, am asking you something?

Yes, come inside.

They walked together and went inside. She pointed without pointing her that she should sit at the drawing room and wait for her to come back.

She went inside to search Jim. Finally she found the boy sleeping on her bed, like a human being, as if waiting for her to come home soon and he will just dragged her to the bed and soothe her. She stood at the door and leaned at a side. Jim suddenly woke up and jumped and ran towards her. She fell down on the floor due to the heavy weight of his body. It felt good but it didn’t soothe her, she felt heavy and didn’t know what to say, how to react. She felt as if a tear will be rolling out of her eyes but before it did, Jim started licking her face and she let him. Few minutes later, her friend came over and stood there watching them. She smiled back to her friend.

She pushed Jim at a side and got up.

So this is the man of the house who keeps you busy and keeps you away from everyone else?

Sort of.

I am happy for you. So what else? You are gonna show me your little pretty house? Or you are gonna stay numb and not talk.

Uhmmm, come in, let me show you.

She took her around the house, showing her off the petty little stuff she had bought over the years, decorating the house dispassionately, hoping that the objects will give life to the quiet little bungalow by the corner of the street.

So that’s it. Nothing else.

You know you stopped talking, you used to talk a lot, like a really lot.

Yes I still do, come over to my office and you will know.

Her friend giggled and she smiled. She told herself – That felt good but that good feeling was void of emotions and senses of a human being she used to be. Energetic, aff…

They sat at the drawing room. She made some coffee for herself and tea for her friend. She knew her tastes more than anyone else. She knew that her friend loved listening to her. She loved her non-sensical blabbering and everything she did. Now she didn’t do anything to her. She did nothing around her. She was just simply sitting and entertaining her friend with silence.

You angry with me because something?

Why would I be angry with you? I was never angry with anyone and I was never with you or anything you did.

Woah! I didn’t ask so much!

I am just telling. Once you say I don’t talk; now I am and you are saying…

Hush! Her friend came close and put her fingers on her lips. The touch made her remember everything they had and everything she thought she lost, maybe she intentionally lost.

So what’s the plan for today? It seems you aren’t going office.

No I am not. I will just chill back. I will sleep, watch movies, eat and may be going out for walk at night.

Mind I join?

She stared at her. She wanted to say yes but more than she wanted her to go away forever. She didn’t want to go through the same things again. She was happy being a loner.

It’s ok if you don’t want me to. May be you can come over to my place and hang out, if again, you want to.

You live in another world. I live in another. Its ok you can stay.  So what do you need tell me. I will get you.

Hello, will you stop being so formal.

I guess mixing up professionals over the last few years have made me one.

Very funny. Let’s go to my place, plus the kids will be happy to see you. They have heard so much about you.



When did you have kids?

Are you ok? In which world are you living? The last time we met remember I was carrying two twins?!

Those were yours?

I give up.

I never remember you mentioning about it.

Yes you don’t coz you were busy in thoughts, too full of hatred for things around you and for …

Look, you are wrong. I came from office. Plus I didn’t know anyone there.

Then why did you come?

Coz I had to.

And why it is that so.

She went silent.

Look, I am sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. I am sorry that the last time we met I reacted in a wrong manner. You were always with me but I wasn’t when you needed. And maybe if I was there then, maybe, you would not be what you are now.

And what am I now?

Alone, which you never wanted to be.

Ultimately it is my choice that I am here now, isn’t it? Why are you cribbing about it if I am not.

Coz I don’t want you to be sad.

She laughed out loud hearing her.

Sad? Which part of my house, my dress, and my life says I am sad?

The mirror says.

What the mirror can talk now?

Stop being a cynic! Stop acting like a witch.

Maybe I was always like this. Time just polished out the real me.

If you are trying to piss me off, it isn’t going to work. And now you are coming with me to my house. That’s it, final.

You know I don’t want to.

Coz you hate…

Did I ever say so?

Do you ever say anything?

Can you leave me to myself? I am happy being alone.

There you said it. Now come on pack up.

I can’t. I need to be with Jim.

Are you nuts?

No I am in love with him. That’s my boy and I am seeing him after 30 hours.

Why where were you?

I was… Nothing.

Oh c’mon, stop being a spoil sport. And with that, her friend dragged her out of the house. And She pushed her into the car and instructed the driver to drive. As the car was driving away slowly towards the direction of an unknown day, she was looking back at Jim, whose face was visible through the glass window.

I’ll be back in no time. Hang on boy.

Black Rose Gal have no patience. But she knows how to wait. She is a pessimist who speaks positive, teaching her own-self how to practice what you preach.

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