Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dear Jim

I have never meant to hurt you or let you down. You are the sole reason why I want to go back home every night, after a tiresome day and hide inside my blanket. You make me feel warm and cosy and the moment when you put your broad, wide arms over my shoulder, I just feel everything is right in this world and at its place.

There are having been times, when I have shouted at you and you didn't make a single sound and went inside to your room, falling back in your space. There has been moments, when I have left you all alone and went out with the girls to have a blast, leaving you all alone in the big house, to find your own way of having some fun. Yet you never left me alone or decided to walk out of the house, free and have fun with those few little beasts that makes my sound sleep into a nightmare, most nights. There were times when the door was wide open and the option of leaving me alone to myself was given to you. Yet you stood there, looking straight into my eyes, making me believe that - you will always be there for me.

Times have been difficult. So has been life. It has been mean. It gave you the freedom to run wild and crazy and me the freedom to express. We understood quite well where we stand. However, you remained what I wanted you to be. Whereas you let me be me, you dared me to fly, to ever be the chosen one to touch the sky, promising me you will be one step behind.

I have asked you to act smart, soft and decent whenever I decided you to take out. Everyone loved you, adored you. I felt I did the right thing by bringing you into my life. In return, you have never asked for anything, forget demanding.

I have never apologised for being rude or unpleasant, yet you have always come up and apologised to me over and over again, even if it hasn't been your fault. You have forgiven me always, but there have been times, when I refused to even listen.

Time won't be with us. Soon either of us will go away. However, no matter where we may be, you promised to look over me, I don't know whether I ever promised to do so.

However, Jim, you will always be my Prince, the one and only lovely man in my life. Someday I will find someone, with whom I would love to walk a million miles but the puppy that I fell in love with six years ago, will always be my Prince. No one can take my Jim's place!

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