Who Am I? Not Spiderman!

I was born in Spring and share my birthday with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Levi Strauss, Everton Weekes, Victor Hugo, Li Na, Johnny Cash, Michael Bolton, John Harvey Kellogg,  and many more. However, these are not important details. What happened after I was born is probably very non-essential too.

As a child, I wanted to be a sportsperson, lawyer, I wanted to join the military, become a politician and much more. Even though my parents have always supported me in whatever I wanted to do, there were particular moments when my mother had her funny ways of saying no. Like for example, when I wanted to be a lawyer, she told me, "Some criminals will get hurt." When I wanted to join the military, she said, "Aren't there enough soldiers to protect us from enemies? If you become one, we will need multiple soldiers to protect the enemies from you." Well, she wasn't wrong, I had my ways of getting into trouble.

Journalism happened behest of two disastrous moments in our lives. It was while watching the live broadcast of 9/11 and Columbia space shuttle disaster, I realized that maybe journalism is how I will serve humanity. After all, newspapers played a crucial role during our independence movement, isn't it?

However, what I learned after nearly a decade of being a journalist is — the grass ALWAYS looks greener on the other side. No matter what grass you may have been forced to smoke. Pun intended.

Here are the links to the stories I have done for Sportstar magazine.

Sportstar Link 1
Sportstar Link 2
Sportstar Link 3

And also the link of a cricket website, part of India Webportal — a JV between Penske Media and Zee Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

CricketCountry Link 1

Now, I mostly fly and take pictures of those dusted interiors, greased engines and inedible wings of jets. When I am not flying or taking pictures, I act like a diplomat, use hefty words and build partnerships for my organization.

I was also interviewed by India Today in 2010 as one of the young bloggers from Calcutta.

And yes, in between all these, I watch Grey's Anatomy and clean my cat's poop, and sometimes write.
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