Friday, 20 August 2010

Bloody Complaining Indians

 Shame on YOU

I have been hearing about the corruption of ministry, of CWG officials, of so and so people who are in the government. Well I have heard enough to just tell them Give ME A Break. There is a limit to complaining about India being 128th place out of 150 countries, that 1/3rd of the country is unhealthy and there is lack of nutritious children and many more. And who is to be blamed for everything? The ministers. Yes they are the perfect people to be blamed for even your areas water pipe burst or a tree which fell down during cyclone and even an accident caused by two people who were rush driving. 
Have you all lost your senses? You never complain that Ratan Tata or Taslima Nasreen get more security than you yourself. You never complain that the amount of security deployed in front of Shahrukh Khan’s house is more than the Kashmiri girl who fought against terrorists! But you complain about Shashi Tharoor involved in a scam, about a minister wanting an increment or Kalmadi using 16.5lakh for gym facilities.

Tell me where will this world class athletes practice, work out? At your home? At the gym next where even your area’s goon works out? You think Olympics and Commonwealth Games happen without bucks being spent behind them? Ok yes Kalmadi is full of scam! But hello! Isn’t it too early to say CWG is a fail? I get it, Olympics stadiums were ready one year before. That’s one fault, another that he didn’t get paperwork for many deals. But arguing about infrastructure is a limit. After CWG is over and if it succeeds (which I terribly wish to shut all of your mouth), will everyone say that what a splendid job had been done?

You talk about children not getting good nutrition, have you ever questioned why do your friend eat so much, almost equal to three people’s meal? Yes right! I can give you one example coz I know such people! 

Tell me something, a very good question will be why we spend so much behind durga puja decorations, wedding celebrations, behind IIFA and all when you can use the same money to help people dying of hunger. We just don’t question the corruption or mess that we create!

One of my friends argued about ministers getting 50,000 INR and asking for hike in their salary. I would like to ask, what about the media professional or what about the just-passed-out IIM student who gets equal salary? What do these students do for our country? Half of them leave India for prospect, for their own benefits! What has for god’s sake these people done? Tell me! Have they come out of their sprawling bungalows to help people during a riot or a natural disaster? Unless they themselves suffered they didn’t. Now one example isn’t enough! Give me millions, give me at least a thousand!

What about the innumerable people dying of diseases around the country? Where are the doctors? Wait you will argue you know many doctors who help. How many? Do you know enough doctors against millions of patients waiting to be cured? 

If today the central government or the local government today declares that they won’t work anymore and all the politicians collectively say we won’t, have you any idea what will be the situation? There will be utter chaos and each and everyone will want their share without working and no one will be there to give you what you want or deserve! You say ministers don’t do anything to protect you, ok fine! I will call Home Ministry today and ask them to stop working. Lets see the picture of India after they do stop working, literally, how many more 26/11 or Lalgarh will happen.

And for the salary part, before asking them to cut down their salaries, ask the CEOs of leading companies to, even the professionals who gets more than 35,000 INR.

Really want to change India? Really? Stop complaining and moaning and pointing fingers at people who are at least trying. What are you guys doing? Complaining and making the situation worse than ever. It is not that easy to run a country of BILLIONS when these BILLIONS lack unity. YES, you guys lack unity! Or else rather than complaining about anything you would had been trying your best to make a difference. I know it isn’t easy, but complaining is easy na?!

I don’t support the ministers but neither I complain about them. Why? Coz I don’t have the guts to sit where they do and tolerate 365 days of abuses by BILLIONS of INDIANS. Politics should be accepted the way it is. Don’t cry over everything, if today the situation is like this it is simply because YOU have let it happen. Why don’t you co-operate or even protest in a friendly way? No you won’t you will either get into a war of stones or lathis! I have no pity for citizens who suffer coz they are themselves the reason for INDIA’s condition. And after reading this you can point your finger as much as you want at me, just to prove my words true. Thank You.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Feeling Guilty

Usually you feel guilt for hurting someone, behaving rudely, for an act that should have not done and all. Even if you unknowingly hurt or injure anyone, you feel guilty and the feeling remains and keep on pinching you until you are forgiven. But have anyone ever felt guilty for having to share good moments, guilty of good old memories, guilty that you had spent wonderful times with someone and then everything ended? Guilty for saying the truth and losing a precious thing for it?

Many would say it's regret, anger but I will call it guilt. My sister's mail, expressing her desires took me back to all those times when I have felt guilty for having spent good moments. But what's new is that feeling guilty for saying what my heart felt. Because after that nothing changed, what it was before, it remained that way. My friend says, it 'Takes Time'. Yes, may be I am expecting too much. But someone had once said - 

"Nothing can ever be more scary than keeping thoughts, wishes within yourself."

When you speak out something that keeps on bugging you, you feel released and nice and comfortable. If at that moment the saying is taken in positive way, you are on Cloud no 9'. But I don't feel like that. Why don't I? I feel guilty for letting the truth out coz now whenever I am made to speak or reminds me that the secret is out and nothing is same. It has become a barrier.

I could have kept it a secret forever inside me. I could have rather would have bore the tickling sensation. Or I madly wish that what I said for, comes to an effect. It 'takes time', yes but for once let the word 'chance' enjoy itself, once, coz the barrier needs to disappear or the guilt feeling will remain. It is not that I am looking for a second chance but for the first only! There have been moments, like my sister says, that makes your day, sometimes months. I am not asking anything for myself but all I want is a moment that will make me feel - "There is nothing to feel guilty about" and that will make me say - "Thank goodness, I had told what I feel then".

I will wait for those moments. I know none of us is sleeping, everyone's awake, we are all avoiding and ignoring the fact with our smiles and giggles, but for once let us not ignore. For once let us take a step to start breaking the barrier coz see I am badly feeling guilty. I never wanted to write this post, something really personal, but in the past I have lost a good friend for telling the truth, however, that truth was of different kind.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lipsticks, Shoes, Bags, Chocolates....

If you ask me what are the few things that girls go crazy about then I will say Shoes, Bags, Chocolates (Imported I Tell You), Lipsticks of different colours of the numerous companies, Nail Polishes, Ice-Creams (Those which make your hubby or boyfriend wonder what's so special in it), Latest Juicy Magazines, Shades (As a friend of mine says), Old Romantic Movies, and a few (numerous) girls even go crazy for Gadgets, YES, Gadgets.

The list doesn't end. Whether someone buys for them or they buy themselves, anything that they are crazy about makes them feel that they are on top of the world. In short they love being Pampered. But on a brighter side, even a small piece of candy can make them happy! Visit a girl's room, you are bound to find a chocolate bar or the wrapper. Open the shoe closet and one pair might fall on you. No matter whether she already have the bag she is staring at, she wants it again, and she always like the lipstick and nail polish colours of her girlfriends'. 

She might already have the sunglasses she asked you to buy for her but she wants it again. She has watched that particular movie before many times but she wants to watch it again and that too with you. Some girls simply go crazy over APPLE products. Yes! They do. She always want the latest stylish clothes and if it gets two weeks old, she will throw it at the corner of her closet.

Many loves to pamper themselves by reading old letters from their admirers or their teenage diary, many spent hours by watching their favourite romantic movies. I have seen many girls read Love Story over and over again. Some pamper themselves by getting a spa or just having a foot massage (Something I love doing that too, just too much).

But whatever it may be, all these things that a girl go crazy over and possibly with them live the best time of her life, all these doesn't hurt or affect the one she is living with. She doesn't go for Hash, Coke unless its just for fun she wanna and doesn't smoke or drink like your neighbour's boy whose only job from evening is to pick up the cheapest whiskey bottle and sing at the top of his voice through out the night. 
So you should be happy and not rant about the lipsticks, chocolate wrappers, face washes you find to have trespassed by mistake on to your territory, BOYS!!